Login failed for user sa!

Hi there,
I have an Access database.

I tried to imported it with DTS import/export wizard.

Here were the steps i did

choose a data source :

choose a destination:
microsoft old db provider for sql server

i select USE SQL Server authentication

i type username : sa   , password : blank

when i try to select "new" from database to give a name
i get the follow error :

Error source : Microsoft OLD DB PRovider for SQL server
Error description : login failed for user 'sa' Reason : Not associated with a trusted sql server connection
context : error during initialization of the provider


What is wrong ???
How i correct the error so i can import my access db ???

pls help

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There are two thing you will need to check.

1) Is blank is the password for sa.

To assign a new password do this:
How to assign the sa password on a newly installed server (Enterprise Manager)
To assign the sa password
Expand a server group, and then expand a server.
Expand Security, and then click Logins.
In the details pane, right-click sa, and then click Properties.
In the Password box, type the new password.

2) Rightmouse click on your server name and select properties from Enterprise Manager.
Then select "Security Tab". Make sure "Sql Server and windows" option is selected.

In Enterprise manager:

>right click the server registration you are trying to do the import to
>select "Properties"
>select the "Security" tab
>check the radio box for "SQL Server and Windows" under Authentication

msolomosAuthor Commented:
i have tried to assign the password again , through the enterpise manager from security ---> logins ....right click etc etc ..and i assigned it again

now back to dts import /export wizard ...if i try to import the access db ... to destination : microsoft ole db provider for sql server i get that error. ofcourse i use SQL server authentication

pls help
i am despert

PS> noticed that i am new in sql
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what are you selecting for the Server? depemding on your network set up you may need to try one of the following methods of connection to your SQL Server instance:

IP - xxx.xxx.x.xxx
Server Name - SQLSERVER1
Default - (Local)

Of all these, IP is probably the best bet and Local is probably the least likely.

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Please let me know if you need any help maintaining your many old open questions:

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You may need to restart you SQL Server.

Pls maintain open questions as Anthony suggests.
msolomosAuthor Commented:
i have asked kindly help on this and i offered 500 points
but nobody seems to help ...

>>namasi  / restarted didn't help

>>mnye   i don't know what r u talking about :(

Try with a different user who has readwrite permission on this database.
Have you done this?

2) Rightmouse click on your server name and select properties from Enterprise Manager.
Then select "Security Tab". Make sure "Sql Server and windows" option is selected.

I tried the same with sa user it works without problem.

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you have have 11 Open questions, one which dates back to Feburary.  If you resolve these Id be happy to help, maybe even acperkins would be more willing to assist you, whom is one of the best resources for SQL Server here.

msolomosAuthor Commented:
thanks mate that really help
although for 500 points you should had ask earlier

>> acperkins  can you pls email me to solomos@otenet.gr how to close the rest of the questions ?
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>how to close the rest of the questions<<
From the EE Guidelines here are your choices:

Accept an Expert's Comment as the Answer http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/closing.jsp#2
Accept Comments from more than one Expert (a Split) http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/closing.jsp#3
Request a refund because you answered your own question (Refund/PAQ) http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/closing.jsp#4
Request a refund because no one answered your question (Delete) http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/closing.jsp#5
Abandon your question and leave the mess for someone else to clean up http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/closing.jsp#12

Let me know if you need any more information and thank you for getting up to date with your questions.

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