VB.NET Dataset doesn't seem to update actual data source

I have the following code:

objDataSet.Tables("Table").Rows(Row).Item("TimeAccumulator") = objDataSet.Tables("Table").Rows(Row).Item("TimeAccumulator") + PingRate
Dim oCB As OleDbCommandBuilder = New OleDbCommandBuilder(objAdapter)

which runs without any errors, but the data source (i have tried both MS Access 2002 and SQL 2000) does not get updated.

I know that the dataset has my changes in it because I have called the objDataSet.GetXML method and written the XML to the event log and I can see my changes.

What am I missing?

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Where does dsModified come from?  You seem to have updated the objDataSet object - not dsModified.  objDataSet.GetXML shows your changes, but do you see them in dsModified.GetXML since that is what you are passing to the update call?

bradmqAuthor Commented:

I posted code between edits.  The line should actually read


I had had some code previously that looked like this:

Dim dsModified As New DataSet()
dsModified = objDataSet.GetChanges

then I was calling


This didn't work either so I had simplified it to just passing the dataset to the Update method.


Those are supposed to be parens and not brackets...
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Ignore that post please...wrong window.
bradmqAuthor Commented:
I figured out the problem:

The Update method on the adapter has to be called before the Acceptchanges method on the dataset!

Seems stupid and counter intuitive but I guess if I needed to rollback, I could call dataset.rejectchanges and call the adapter.update method again.
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