How to Prevent users from opening dox to read

Hi Guys


I know how to prevent editing a doc etc. also quite familar with reader and author fields

What I would like to be able to accomplish is:
In a view Any one can open the view and see the docs that are in Processing or Approved. However they cannot open the dox to read further than what is shown in the view.

Only the Requester and people listed in the authors field can see all the dox, in any Status.

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CRAKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do note that "others" can always use the property box to view what's in the rest of the document!
Qwaletee's suggestion to use encryption as the way to avoid that. The script solution to set contunue=talse (conditionally) would not be my advice. Using the debugger, clicking "stop" would bypass that code and open the document to everyone. Hemantha's solution does not have that advantage.

Are you perhaps having trouble creating new doc's in that view? Or does the author or requester field NOT contain the common username, but groups, userroles, abbreviated names, canonicalized names etc.? I suggest following modification to Hemantha's formula:

      @UserNamesList *= AuthorField : Requester;
            "Show Error Form")
HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the view, use form formula which will open different form for users not listed in Requester and Author fields


@If( @IsNotMember( @Name([CN]; @UserName); @Name([CN]; AuthorField : Requester) ); "Show Error Form"; Form);

But anyway without using security fields like Reader/Author or encryption.. the doc and its content are not secured. User can still look into the doc using doc properties
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adspmoAuthor Commented:
The form does make use of reader and authors fields as well as an editrights field to control who can do what when

Thanx for the info

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Form properties, last tab with key: change default readers
Not sure what you mean.  Are there documents that certain people shoudl not see at all all -- not even in a view?  Or can everyone see all documents in the view, just not be able to open them to see the fields that are not displayed in the view?

If you want the ability to just restrict what fields are available to certain users, here are the options:

1) Use encryption keys.  Encrypted fields are completely invisible to users who do not have the key.  Note that key management can be a very major issue.

2) Put code in the form's QueyOpen that checks if user has access, and sets CONTINUE=FALSE if not.  This prevents openining the form.  However, it is not secure, because users can still get acces to the fields, or disable the script.  You should probably use a hidden design in this setup, but it will still not be truly secure.

3) Use a combination of standard documents and shadow documents.  The shadow documents will contains the "public" fields. Only the shadow document will be visible in public views.  The full document will be in hidden views, and have reader fields so only particular people can see them.  Put in code for the shadow form so that if a full document is available (i.e., you have reader acess), it immediately closes the shadow document and loads the full document. If the full document does not exist (i.e., it exists, but readers fields prevents user from seeing that it exists), then just display the shadow.  This is about as secure as #1, a little more complex to program, but avoids issus of key management.
adspmoAuthor Commented:

The form formula is causing a few problems
Could be that there are multiple forms used within the view
So when I click LSF it opens with the wrong form

To quickly check that create a view action button , and prompt out the form formula by selecting a document.

@Prompt([ok]; ""; @If( @IsNotMember( @Name([CN]; @UserName); @Name([CN]; AuthorField : Requester) ); "Show Error Form"; Form) );
adspmoAuthor Commented:
Not quite right yet

Now it does not present my ErrorMessage form

@Prompt([OK]; ""; @If( @IsNotMember( @Name([CN]; @UserName); @Name([CN]; WhoCanSee : RequesterName) ); "BlaBla"; Form) )

When I am authorized to enter it presents the form name;
When I should be not authorized it gives me the BlaBla and then open the document

@If( @IsNotMember( (@Name([CN]; @UserName); @Name([CN]; AuthorField : Requester) ); @Return(@Prompt([OK];"Not authorized";"You are not authorized to open this document."));"")

Try the above code.

And what is the error messages u r getting?
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