Setting Fonts in MFC Dialog application

In an MFC diaolog application, I know the <filename>.rc file contains the font type/size definition, which sets the font and size for every control and static text area on the dialog.

Is there a way to set the font when and where it's desired at runtime?

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> Is there a way to set the font when and where it's desired at runtime?

Well, you can always use CWnd's SetFont member, but that won't necessarily give you the effect that you want.  In a dialog resource, the sizes of the controls are all relative to the size of the font.  So if you change the font for the dialog, then all the controls get resized automatically when the window is created.

However, once the dialog is created, those values are set, and it is tricky to resize them properly (unless you don't change the size of the font, just the face).

So, the answer is Yes you can do it, but it is a lot of work unless you keep the size of the font the same.

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Yeah, that kind of splits the difference.  It edits the dialog box resource JUST BEFORE it is created.  I thought the Asker wanted to change it after it was already displayed, but I guess it wasn't specified...  :)

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void CYourDialogClass::OnClickSomeButton()

CFont m_LocalFont;
// fill font structure here
// change dialog font
SetFont(&m_LocalFont, FALSE);
// change font of all controls on dialog
SendMessageToDescendants(WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)HFONT(m_LocalFont), FALSE);

@Yuri:  You can do that, but if you do, all the controls in the dialog will no longer be of the correct size.

May you need to change only face of font not the size :-))
You can subclass your static text boxes, use CreateFont or CreateFontIndirect and then use DrawText to display the fonts you created.

That way you can do what you want in any color etc...

Only problem is some of the text in the static boxes you wish to show need to be centered while others you want left aligned.

But all you have to do is send some flag to the drawing routine of your subclassed static. Then you can again do what you want.


First establish subclass.

class MyStatic : public CStatic
void MyDrawText( CString Data, int How);

Next in rc view establish unique id's for each static to subclass.
BTW, use sunken view properites in rc view of static (so you can easily see it)

Typical dialog which will use the subclass

#include "Mystatic.h"
class MyDialog : public CDialog
MyStatic Box1;
MyStatic Box2; .....


Instance of dialog from parent dialog view

void ParentDialog::AFunc()

MyDialog Md;

Md.Box1.MyDrawText("test data to show",1); //1==center
Md.Box2.MyDrawText("test data again",2);//2==left ?? whatever.



void MyStatic::MyDrawText(CString Text, int how)
//I am use to doing things API way. So I forget but basics is same.
Select font into dc

Get the rectangle area from the client area of this static

if(how==1) DrawText(..&rr...DT_VCENTER | DT_SINGLELINE | DT_CENTER);
if(how==2) DrawText(..&rr... instead use default DT_LEFT);

clean up mem


If you need more info I can supply


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