How can I advance my website on Google?

I've been working with metacontent but the site is still buried.  thanks.
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EdmondClay -

>How can I advance my website on Google?

There is no standard answer to that question, it depends on the specific site.  Post the url here and I will take a look.

- duz
EdmondClayAuthor Commented:  I took out the space in the metanames as I understood that to be a factor but it doesn't seem to have helped.   I'm looking for other tricks/strategies to help the search engines find me and rate me high enough to be real.  For example, I am an audio production studio in San Diego County...What I get back from Google for "audio production studio San Diego", was a couple of other studios in town and a whole bunch of redirect sites.  Why am I so obscure and they are not?  K.  I'll up the guys bargain hard...
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If it's not a competitive market you could always pay for listings, as you say theres a coupla of other companies so paying to be in the top 3 or at least a page 1 rank shouldn't cost too much.  Currently has no listings for that search phrase so you could be no. 1 for 10cents, I haven't checked Google but I imagine the same.  If you plan your keywords correctly you could be paying minimal amounts for great keyword coverage.
EdmondClay -

OK I took a look and here is what I saw;

1. home page size 100k+
Too big, less than 30k and smaller is even better.

2. Visible text size 3985 (bytes),  HTML Tags size   8204 (bytes), Text to HTML Ratio  33.19%
Not bad but don't go lower.

3. Page Title - Bill Corkery Productions
This is where your key words must be so if your keywords are;

Bill Corkery
Corkery Productions
Bill Corkery Productions

That's fine if not change the title.

4. Keywords
"," without a space are fine but ONLY include words here which appear in the text later on.

5. Description
Make it read like a real description for humans but include your keyword(s)/phrases.  Also your keywords should come at or very near the beginning of the description.

6. Robots
Change to <meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
Notice lower case not uppercase.

7. Other metas - delete them, they are wasted space.

8. Text is currently optimized for these three key phrases;

check voiceover demo  ----> 7th position in Google
please check voiceover ----> 4th position in Google
voiceover demo examples ----> 8th position in Google

That is because these three phrases are the most common in your text occurring 3 times each with a keyword density of 8.5%.

9. What's with the gaps between the text? How many visitors are going to realize they have to scroll down? Put everything above the fold!

10. Links -The search engine will only see one link on your page and that one is invalid;


So none of your other pages will get crawled. Provide a site map if you have to use that large graphic navigational item.

11. Make sure your code conforms to the DOCTYPE declaration i.e validate it here
At the moment there are 72 errors given by the validator, aim to get down to one or two only.

This is not an exhaustive list but once I looked at 11. I decided to stop :)

Better to take a 2nd pass when you have made some progress/decisions on the items mentioned so far.

Please come back for phase two when your ready or feel free to ask questions in the mean time.

- duz

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EdmondClayAuthor Commented:
You guys have always been the greatest but this time you've outdone yourselves...High Fives.  Thanks
All about google and its functions and how you want to get more hits

The fastest and the most efficient way ( i have got personal experience) is submitting in google . 

Go and give all the websites that you want.Also give a small description while submitting each website.

Yes it is good to add meta-tags though some articles say it is not really important.

give the following

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta name="description" content=" < give description about yourself and website>"
<meta name="keywords" content="  < keywords people might use to search in search engines>"

you can submit in google for free.

Donot forget to give <title> title of your page </title> because people can search in google using title of the website.

Check out these articles to understand what is the best way to get selected and page ranked high in google.  ( part of previous article very important to do)

using meta tags:
--------------------- ( good link)

Read the article in the link given.Very useful

Other websites to add url:

sunray_2003 -

I know that in your never ending quest for points that you cut and paste your response above to almost any question that contains the words Google or search engine.

Wouldn't it be nice for once if you addressed the question instead of requiring the questioner to trawl through a bunch of links that are hopelessly out of date and consequently misleading?

At least put a health warning at the top of this particular cut and paste "There is a remote chance that you will find an answer on one of this links but it will probably be wrong".

- duz
>>  I know that in your never ending quest for points that you cut and paste your response above to almost any question that contains the words Google or search engine

Duz, I donot think it is correct on your part to give such a comment like this ....

When links can bring or give necessary information why do you make a big deal out of it .. I have taken necessary pain in getting all links .. Giving links doesnot mean the person is not answering the question clearly... It is upto the questioner to think about it ..  Well what you have said may or may not be in the links I had given.. If the questioner does see the link he is going to get valuble information..

Though these websites are a year old , the idea is the same.. My experience is that I have found these links useful, did the same to websites and have got good page rank..


Sunray -

>I donot think it is correct on your part to give such a comment like this

If I don't draw this to your attention, who else will do it?

>If the questioner does see the link he is going to get valuble information

Rubbish! Here are couple of statements from the links you give:

"Use lots of meta keyword tags"
"A search engine will never list you if you do not submit your site to it"
"Use invisible text"
"Submit early and submit often"
etc. etc.

All nonsense and at least one is likely to get the site banned from Google.

>Though these websites are a year old

More than that, one of them is dated 1997 and talks about search engines that don't exist any more.

Search engine algos change every day (witness what happened to the Google algo last week) and information on this subject become dated very quickly.

- duz

PS No hard feelings, just trying to improve the quality of answers here :)

Questioner have got benefited from my links in this TA aswell in others last month or so .......

Links do give information about how page rank works and how the user can improve his website hits..

Personally , I have been benefited from reading couple of links ... hence should help the questioner..

Duz and Sunray

Please stop arguing, no one wants to read arguments that add no knowledge content and misinformation.

Duz, Sun DOES address the question. Listing directly on google is good advice. He says that going to all these links has helped his rankings, so it is entirely valid to list them. One cannot expect every statement in the linked sites to be accurate and instead of slagging off Sun you should focus on the innacurate statements on the sites and correct them. You also suggest information from 1997 has to be out of date, which is ridiculous.

Your 11 points appear comprehensive Duz, but appearances can deceive. Where is your proof that your advice is good. Where are the justifications for our rules of thumb?

Why is 30K better?
Why the suggested Text:HTML ratio?

Maybe there is no justification, I feel this is a black art not a science! Fair enough, if it works.

I would like the so called experts in this thread to give the URL of their sites and what their ranking is on particular search terms.  Then we will know if we can believe them.
mal4mac -

I will leave you with Sunray - good luck!

- duz

Again a snide comment with no information content. This is not a professional way to act. (And I see you are not willing to reveal your 'high ranked' URL).
mal4mac -

Just to keep the record straight:

1. I provided you with a specific review of your sites problem areas.

2. I offered to make another review when you were ready.

3. I offered to answer any specific questions you had.

4. I was looking after your interests (and others) in pointing out to Sunray that URL drops with plenty of misinformation are not in any questioners best interests.

5. I don't make snide comments only factual ones and all the comments I have made in this thread are true and demonstrably correct.

6. As it happens I am a professional and amongst other things I teach advanced SEO in house as you will see from my profile.

7. I could give you the URLs of hundreds of large corporate sites that I have optimized but I am not going to because of the manner in which you asked.

8. I like to help people here on Experts Exchange but as you may realize it is a voluntary activity and as such I can also choose which questions to answer. I chose initially to help you now I have chosen to stop.

9. I shall not be adding anything else to this thread.

- duz

This is the last post I shall make to this thread.

1-3 You did not review my site, so please stick with this thread if Edmond is happy.

4. Good point.

5. "I will leave you with Sunray -- Good Luck!" is not a factual comment. Some may classify it as ironic, depending on local culture. I classify it as snide.

6. Profiles can be made up.

7. So you are not prepared to reveal the only possible justification for your claim to be an expert.

8. I'll leave the thread, please continue to help the original questioner if you are both happy.

Sorry guys.. I understand the importance of talking about technical stuff in here ..

Hmm.. I feel it would surely going to take some time for the website to be google searched and I am not sure how long since the questioner had added the meta tags.. May be he has to wait  checking all the comments and links given here .

EdmondClayAuthor Commented:
Yo, fellas, been a lil domestically involved.  I thought the help stopped when I accepted Duz's answer.  Did that transpire?  Mal4mac: are you INTJ?  just a thought.   Ayway the holidays preclude me from  running the answers out and feedbacking.  Whoop!  New word!  I put those metatags in withough the spaces almost a year ago.  Maybe he should just hire a professional!  Just trying to help a friend.  You guys are still terrific, and I especially appreciate the give and take as that helps me to interpolate a comfortable solution.  As we now say here in CA - Ah'll be bok...
EdmondClayAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I got way too far along to recall this thread.
can you give me the script for swf file upload.......
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