Count incoming Emails

This should be an easy Friday afternoon question, but it's driving me up the wall.

I need a view that will show me how many emails I get per day. The only problem is that when I categorize them for the count to work, it makes each email into it's own category, presumably because it's trying to use date AND time as the category rather than just date.

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In the column where you have categorized, set to show only date.. Check the column property..Date/Time tab

Also the formula should be like this


This will show only date not time


for the mail database it's


this function strips time portion.
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aeonflux2Author Commented:
I tried all three in the column value (formula) and they all came back saying "ERROR:Incorrect data type for operator or @Function:"

What am I doing wrong?
hmmm. What exactly had you put in the column formula before posting here?

try this one

@Date(@If(DeliveredDate != ""; DeliveredDate; PostedDate != ""; PostedDate; @Created))
why can't u create a new view and have the view selection formula like this:
Select Form="Memo" & DeliveredDate=@today

Is this what ur looking for?

Do u want to apply for entire company or for u only.

U can create this view in a template.
You can just use @Date(@Created) and the view selection formula as  DeliveredDate != "".. this will effectively show only the mail received

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aeonflux2Author Commented:
Bingo! Thanks!

Qwaletee, be careful....  My 16 mth old destroyed one of our old laptops about 4 months ago by shoving it off of a table. She thinks if it's not nailed down, it's for playing.
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aeonflux2Author Commented:
We finally just closed off the computer room and only use it after she goes to sleep at 7. We have so much computer junk in there, there was no way to child proof the room. :(
Unfortunately, we have no separate computer room :(

Need larger quarters :( :(
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