Getting multiple output values back from SqlPlus call

I am using Korn Shell scriptiing. Can somebody show me the syntax to return multiple parameters from a call to SqlPlus? Let's say I execute a function in SqlPlus and would like to return more than 1 parameters. How do I do it? Here is an example syntax to return 1 output parameter.

vcSqlResults=`sqlplus @MyProc.sql'

but vcSqlResults would have only 1 parameter and I want more than 1.

Thank you very much.
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example, only this time we will read multiple values from SQL*Plus into shell variables.
      sqlplus  -s /nolog |&     # Open a pipe to SQL*Plus
      print -p -- 'connect user/password@instance'
      print -p -- 'set feed off pause off pages 0 head off veri off line 500'
      print -p -- 'set term off time off'
      print -p -- "set sqlprompt ''"
      print -p -- "select sysdate from dual;"
      read  -p SYSDATE
      print -p -- "select user from dual;"
      read  -p USER
      print -p -- "select global_name from global_name;"
      read  -p GLOBAL_NAME
      print -p -- exit
      echo SYSDATE:     $SYSDATE
      echo USER:        $USER

Note: In all these examples we use the -s or -silent option to suppress SQL*Plus banners. The /nolog option indicates that the script will login to the database. This prevents Unix from displaying your userid and password in the Unix process list (ps -ef).
mfarid2Author Commented:
Thank you shivsa for your response. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my question. My Sql Plus call to a function will multiple parameters. So your method simply will not work. You can have arrays in Korn Shell. We need some way of retrieving these parameters in either in array or some other way.
> vcSqlResults=`sqlplus @MyProc.sql'
is wrong syntax, should be:
  vcSqlResults=`sqlplus @MyProc.sql`

Also, could please give an example what you receive in $vcSqlResults
and what you expect
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I am also interested to see the source of this MyProc.sql or at least the part that returns more than one value

One idea,
if your final select will be something like
     select f1, f2 , f3 from table

you could do
 select f1 +  "|" +   f2 +  "|" +  f3 from table   ( Not sure about syntax to concatenate in oracle )

this select will return one value, then at Unix you could split it as you want

cut -f1 -d"|"
cut -f2 -d"|"

One way:

sqlplus @MyProc.sql | read var1 var2 var3

echo $var1
echo $var2
echo $var3


set `sqlplus @MyProc.sql`

while [[ $# -gt 0 ]]
   echo $1

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