Network Config with my DSL to Host Site

Hello Experts!

I have been trying to configure my servers but no luck...
My problem goes this way. I have acquired a DSL to an ISP with a /29 IP block. I setup a firewall/gateway with a linux rh9 server with 2 nic. with 1 nic pointing at the net and one on my Lan. I have added an additional server which I intent to be my web server. How will I add my additional server to my network considering that it must have a routable ip, the same with my Internet gateway?

I tried to setup alias on my Lan's Interface but I am not able to do it? Should I do NAT on my firewall? Im not so familiar with NAT?

What would be the best thing to do?
Thank you for your advance answeres.

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The easiest solution would be to set up static NAT translations for each server on the inside of your firewall.  You need to create an IP alias on your outside NIC for each of the routable IP's that will be statically mapped and then use a pair of rules or each NAT'ed IP, something like:

# To Statically NAT an outside IP ( to an inside IP ( you'd
# do something like:
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i $OUTSIDE -d -j DNAT --to-destination
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -i $OUTSIDE -s -j SNAT --to-source

The usual rules about allowing inbound connections also apply.

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elmerphAuthor Commented:
how will i test it that way?

can i do this..-> create an alias on my LAN Interface with an ip the same ipblock of INTERNET Interface? then change the ip of my web machine to the same block ?

From outside you'd obviously just go to the routable IP of your web server, but from inside of the firewall you'd us the inside IP of the server. If you are using name based virtual hosts of the web server you'll need to either have a local DNS that equates the host name to private IP of the server or create hosts file records on each of the systems.
A great source of information on this can be found at

Shorewall is a set of IP Tables wrapper scripts that is the easiest and most flexible that I have found... but the best part of this is the excellent documentation that this site provides.

Hope this helps.

you can run the webserver on a private ip inside your network.
Then set up the gateway with Shorewall to NAT any traffic going out and to DNAT any incoming port 80 requests to your webserver private IP.

This is VERY easy if you are using webmin.  :P

let me know if you need more info on configuring NAT/DNAT...
jlevie's solution also sounds appropriate.

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