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I have my domain setup at home NATed through my Linksys Wireless Access Point. My AP gets a DHCP number from my DSL modem every time either one of them is booted. I was wondering I could get a script that would ping my domain and when it didnt respond it could email me with the new IP so I could change it remotely. I use dyndns.org to point my domain name to my DSL IP. Is there a way I could find out my IP from a script to email it to my self? Some times I change settings and my AP reboots and gets a new IP and I can't talk to it until I log onto my home network and check the IP and update it.
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since you are running a dynamic dns, enable iis port 80 (example post a blank web page)(or deny everyone access)  when you want to access your ip, just ping or tracert the ddns name created through dyndns.org.  it will give you your external ip.

dyndns.org should have a program that auto updates your ip when your isp renews it.  if not try ods.org
after above is set you can use VNC to connect to your home box.  (works like pc anywhere.)
LittlefryAuthor Commented:
The system is a windows 2000 server running: exchange 2000, shoutcast, IIS, and FTP. I have all the permissions setup correctly and terminal services it running. I can access the server remotelty but when I change a setting or if my modem resets because of the power I won't be able to talk to the system because the IP is not the same. Yes I have to go to dyndns.org to update but if Im not on my local network then I wont know the IP. There is a few programs netmailbot to email automatically put can I have it run a tracert or ping to tell me my IP?
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then I take it the program from dyndns.org does not AUTOMATICALLY DETECT AND UPDATE for you when your ip changes.

I use the ods connector from www.ods.org.  it AUTO UPDATES, so no matter where I am can always use ONE NAME I CREATED to connect to my box(s) and never worry about the ip address.

Getting a program that can AUTO UPDATE, may be an easier solution, but if you want to get the script, good luck!
This one is $7.95 (15 day free trial) but it will automatically notify you via email if there is ever a change in your INTERNAL or EXTERNAL IP addresses and Tell you what it is.


Designed specifically for dynamic internal AND external  IP address changes.

Set that program to run periodically via Task Scheduler on your PC at home OR use the built-in shceduler that keeps running in the background.

Another thing to try (free):

Take this PHP script and install it on your home PC (you need PHP installed for it to run). Run a cron job every so often  and visit http://www.whatismyip.com . Then have some other script of your choosing check to see if the saved version is the same as the old one. If different, have it email you at work where you see what the new IP is.

Requires just a little PHP programming (I program PHP so I do stuff like this), but it's a free option. However, the easy way is to use the proggy above and at 8 bucks, it's no big deal to just buy the sucker. and be done with it.

why don't you set your PC's behind the firewall to STATIC IP
that way while going thru DYNDNS will keep your WAN IP adjustments for you , you will always be able to acces your PC's behind the filewall because the are set to STATIC.

I would assume you are using the VIRTUAL SERVER function of the ROUTER.

LittlefryAuthor Commented:
I have it setup that way but thats not the problem. My DSL modem changes IPs and then I can't talk to y network behind it. That why I want to have it email me the IP when it changes.
do you have a host name set up with DYNDNS. or any other online dynamic ip redirector..
if so or whatever it is ...
from command line
ping -a "www.whatevermysiteis.com"
will reveal the ip address for whatevermysiteis IP Address....
that's the whole point behind using this type of set up
if you were running a server from home , people would need to know what URL to type in the address bar..the endusers request would then go thru DNYDNS and redirect traffic accordingly so - as if you had your own static IP
If the address that DYNDNS gives you is to access your home WAN
you would type " virtual server" redirect to internal NAT
this is how this is done.

you can always view the documentation on there website as well

Look here , it will make more sense after you read it!

Good description.
To simplify it one more step.  if you have dyndns set up with a NAME, just use name and port number, so you will never really need to know your ip.
What is easier to remember an ip that always changes or a name that never does.

**for added bonus, set up VNC and you will have the entire desktop screen appear where ever you are remotely.  and setup is easy
LittlefryAuthor Commented:
I have the dyndns.org set up. I know how it works. I can access the remote desktop through terminal services. The problem is that when I reboot my dsl modem i get a new IP. So dyndns.org is still pointing to and my new ip is and I dont know what it is cause im not at home to check what the IP is. I want a script or a program that will ping the name so I wont have to remember the IP and if it doesnt respond than that means my IP has changed and I want it to find out and email it to me so I can change it remotely. I have been able to talk to my server and all my network equipment. That is not the issue.
Calm down Littlefry we are only trying to help!
This is an interactive webblog for support and we are doing the best we can...

As stated - what simpsonehh and myself are talking about is correct.
you need to install a third party client on your machine that runs in the systray.

as described in the article here from the previous posts:

and the third party client pages from that article here:

once you have done these tasks , you can restart your modem a billion times and you will still maintain access to you WAN from the outside world.

Be Happy! It's just a tiny problem in a very large world!


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LittlefryAuthor Commented:
Thank you. That is all that I was asking. I will check that out when I get my server back up and running. I reloaded it over the weekend and am having difficulties reading the three SCSI drives. I have loaded the drivers but on extra SCSI device is showing up and when it loads the device driver it locks the system up.
LittlefryAuthor Commented:
Sorry for snapping. I went to the DYNDNS.ORG clients page and downloaded myDynamicIP. I installed it and configured it for remote IP and it updated my IP. I will check it tomorrow to see if it updates after I reboot the dsl modem. I have it running as a service so it should poll every 10 min according to the settings.

Thanks again.
Hows it going Littlefry !

sucessful ?

LittlefryAuthor Commented:
I have installed the software and it seems to be working. I can use it to manually update the IP. Still working on getting it to update automatically. But the software is a 100 day trial. If it does work I will buy it. Thanks for all the help. I will let you know in the next day or so if it automatically updates the IP.
just for curiousity:
Do you want to use the numeric ip (example or a name like http://Litttlefry.dyndns.org to access your network?
Once you are comfortable with the way DDNS auto updates work, you can search around for a free one.  There are hundreds of them :ods.org, no-ip.com.  It has been a long time since I looked at them, but I am sure that some are still free.
Hows it going ?
LittlefryAuthor Commented:
Not good. The only good thing is that my modem is on my UPS now and hasnt rebooted in several weeks (knock on wood). The software I have works sort of. It will check and update, but the way its setup it checks 5 mionutes after I click ok and then goes to standby mode instead of active mode. Its running as a service. Maybe I will look for other software. But it does what it is suppost to but after that 5 minutes it goes to standby mode and wont update.
sounds like a configuration issue.....is it a trial version ?

what does the full version supply ?

try another software title

Is everything working now as you like it !

LittlefryAuthor Commented:
With work and school havent had a lot of time. I have my modem and router on a UPS so I havent had lots of problems with updating IP address. I have gotten a couple more programs but they dont update automatically. Still looking for one that works the way I want it to.
LittlefryAuthor Commented:
I found a good free software that has been working for several months. Thanks.
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