script in bash

im working on a script file which is giving me trouble in the debian distro
heres the file

#read file then prepare with primary key then import the file into the database
mount /mnt/cdrom #mount cdrom
cp /mnt/cdrom/AD.AP /home/mysql/AD.AP #copy the file to a location
cd /home/mysql #switch directory
rm -f AD6602.txt #remove old file
i=0 #counter variable
cat AD.AP | while read line #read file and loop through it
echo "$i,$line" >> AD6602.txt #send line into file
let i++ #increase counter
done #stop
umount /mnt/cdrom #finished with cdrom
mysql -u root -p < scriptimport.txt
mysqlimport -u root -p allmydata AD6602.txt

worse part is it wont execute properly in debian enviroment on redhat its fine?
i get end of file unexpected and i use the -x and i get a debugging of the While statement not working.. keeps saying that the end of file is unexpected
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the script looks OK and it is running fine on one linux distribution ... clearly there are some issues with the implementation of sh on the debian distro ... However, I am not aware of them ...

I would try the following ...
1. changing let to expr
2. adding/removing a newline at the end of the script ... this sounds absurd but worked for me once on some distro (I was having the same problem)... I still dont know why or how.

Try using following loop.... Instead of piping the cat command use redirection operator....

while read line #read file and loop through it
echo "$i,$line" >> AD6602.txt #send line into file
let i++ #increase counter
done  < AD.DP #stop

aot2002Author Commented:
S_KuMaaaaR &  sunnycoder

no the script just wont execute!
the script runs on another machine just wont run on this debian one i have

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Last time I had this problem,
it was because the file contains CR LF  (DOS things you know).

yep ... that can cause funny things too ...
use dos2unix filename
and then execute the script
also make sure it is chmod +x

aot2002Author Commented:
found the only way to run it was to call the bash command then the name of the script.
One thing that's different about debian is that (usually) the current directory is not part of the default path.

Try this too:

  chmod +x

(you can't just type "" because debian won't find it as an executable).

This is a "security feature" of debian... in that an evil haxor can't put a script called "ls" in some directory and have you accidently run it if you are in that directory and type ls.  "ls" is the system ls, "./ls" is: "the ls that's in this current directory that I'm in".


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