Installing programs which use BDE

Hi all,

I have a program which uses BDE. If I install my application on a system (without Delphi6) plus the BDE, I get an error when opening one form in particular, which says "compatability not supported" whatever that means!

But if I install the full Delphi package everything works ok.

I think the problem is related to creating new records since I get the same error when I try to add a new record.

Any ideas what could be missing?

Is there a better Setup creator which will include the files I need for my app?

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1. Maybe you install a different BDE version

2. Maybe you have check the 'Build with runtime packege' and your application try to find the libraries.( check in Install package' menu )

3. I suggest to use InstallShell that come with Delphi. Don't install BDE on client, just add the BDE needed drivers ( see the Database option there ). These will be included into your install program.

1. Maybe you install a different BDE version

2. Maybe you have check the 'Build with runtime packege' and your application try to find the libraries.( check in Install package' menu )

3.Maybe you use some SQL statements that does not support in your BDE version.
Why not making use of ADO instead ?

Since BDE isn't supported any longer by Borland, I would go for ADO instead.
Installations of ADO-applications are very easy! Just the Exe-File is needed (and maybe an UDL-File which holds the DbConnection-information).
The only thing you have to be sure is that the MDAC is installed on the client (MSAC 2.7 can be easily downloaded from the M$-website).


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FreeriderAuthor Commented:
I don't remember why, but I already changed my app from ADO to BDE. I can't remember what I did - it was over a year ago.

Wouldn't it be a lot of work to change it back?
Depends on how large you project is.
Normally, the biggest effort is that you have to use other components. You need to replace all TTables by TADOTable, TQuery by TADOQuery, ...
Also, instead of using a TDataBase-component, you have to make use of a TADOConnection.

In the Code, you normally don't have to change much. Maybe the way of connecting to the DB, because a TADOConnection has its own methods and properties to connect to the db.

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Thanks for the points and the grade !
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