computer wont turn on... plz help


i just got this computer shiped to me from a friend and it worked when ihe sent it but when i got it it didnt...

when i turn on the power it dosnt do anything its just a black screen i dont get cmos or a beep or anything... what could this be?
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Dear TheWire1o1,

Are you sure the monitor is OK ..?

Try with different monitor

Check power connection, cable . whether it has been plugged in correctly

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TheWire1o1Author Commented:
ya i tried 2 diferent monitors that both work on my otherr comp.
Ask your friend if he has faced this issue before ???

Change the cable connecting cabinet and monitor ...  So monitor works in when connected to other computer

TheWire1o1Author Commented:
im on the phone with him now... he says no its a brandnew computer
What happens when you connect a different monitor to the new computer which you have got ?

If that also doesnot work then some kind of power supply failure in your new one.. Try changing it

Is the SMPS power supply main power switch off?  
Is it set for the proper voltage?

It is possible that the power switch from the front panel has become disconnected from the motherboard connector.
TheWire1o1Author Commented:
when i hit the switch the light turns on and all the drives/fans spin up
TheWire1o1Author Commented:
but i get no video/bios beeps or anything
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
One of two things probably happened here 1) it's a dead PC (or some critical component in it) or 2) something came loose during shipping that needs to be connected properly.

Make sure all the cards are firmly seated in their slots.  Make sure your memory is firmly seated in the sockets.  Make sure the hard drive/floppy/cdrom cables are properly connected to both the hard drive/floppy/cdrom and the board.

Make sure the cpu is inserted into the socket all the way, etc., etc., etc.
Here a basic troubleshoothing tips:

1. Remove every thing that connects to the motherboard.
2. Refix ONLY the power cable, processor, vga card and RAM. Don't connect HDD/FDD/CDROM yet.
3. Power ON: Is the power supply on? LED on the case should lit or the power supply fan should turn ON. If not try to change the Power supply.
4. No beep? There is two possibilty beside power supply. It's processor or motherboard faulty. Even a brand new can die in just a minute.
5. If the system boots up, reconnect other components one-by-one until it won't boot. So you will know the actual device that gives the problem. Normally the internal PCI modem can cause this kind of problem evethough it is a newly bought. Get another brand of modem.
Check on the back of your computer on your power source, there will be a red switch. This is a volt switch. Where your friend lives, the voltage coming off the power lines may be 220 Volts AC However Other places (Like North America) It is 110 Volts. Or Vice Versa, so set your volt settings correct or you will get in-proper operation, or complete hardware failure. If you need any help doing  this just ask but for my information, where do you and your friend live? In the same country?

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