Java NewsFeed to work with Vertical Scroller

I am trying to get this Java NewsFeed from to work with this Vertical Scroller. I don't have enough java experience to do this. Any Help would be appreciated.

The first part of the Java Script is the NewsFeed and the Scroller part is separted by ---.

You can download the scroller at
and the NewsFeed Script is at

I am also looking for an alternate solution if this can't be done, but needs to work with this NewsFeed. I also would like to be able to control the up & down text. You can also use an XML link if it makes it easier

<script language="JavaScript1.1" src="HTTP://"></script><script language="JavaScript1.1">
var channel_begin = '';
var item_begin = '<li>';
var item_end = '</li>';  
var channel_end = '';
var list_begin = '<ul>';
var list_end = '</ul>';
var link_target = '_blank';
var show_title = true;

// Error message for unsupported browsers.

if(!(window.channels)) { document.write('Sorry! Your browser is unable to retrieve JavaScript channels.') }

// -->

<script language="JavaScript1.1" src="HTTP://"></script><noscript>Sorry! Your browser is unable to retrieve PRWEB.COM JavaScript news feed.</noscript>


      A:hover{color:3333ff; text-decoration:underline}  
      A{text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold}
      A.b:link{color:aaccdd; text-decoration:none}
      A.b:hover{color:ffff33; text-decoration:none}
      A.b:active{color:ffff33; text-decoration:none}
<BODY LINK="000099" ALINK="000099" VLINK="000099" BACKGROUND="../../main/back.gif" TOPMARGIN="0" LEFTMARGIN="0" MARGINHEIGHT="0" MARGINWIDTH="0">

            <TD WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="000000">
                        <TD WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="4477aa">
                        <TABLE WIDTH="100%" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0" BORDER="0">
                                    <TD WIDTH="100%">
                                    <FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial" SIZE="1" COLOR="cceeff">

            <TD ALIGN="left">
                        <TD WIDTH="510">
                        <FONT FACE="verdana,arial" SIZE="2" COLOR="115577">

                        <TD ALIGN="center" WIDTH="510">
                        <APPLET CODE="ScrollItUp.class" ARCHIVE="ScrollItUp.jar" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="153">
                        <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="668899">
                        <PARAM NAME="outlinecolor" VALUE="000000">
                        <PARAM NAME="scrollbgcolor" VALUE="000000">
                        <PARAM NAME="fontcolor" VALUE="ffff00">
                        <PARAM NAME="hovercolor" VALUE="00ff00">
                        <PARAM NAME="linkcolor" VALUE="ff0000">
                        <PARAM NAME="fontface" VALUE="arial">
                        <PARAM NAME="fontstyle" VALUE="plain">
                        <PARAM NAME="fontbold" VALUE="off">
                        <PARAM NAME="fontsize" VALUE="14">
                        <PARAM NAME="textfile" VALUE="test.txt">
                        <PARAM NAME="brakes" VALUE="55">
                        <PARAM NAME="margin" VALUE="5">

                        <TD WIDTH="510">
                        <FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial" SIZE="2" COLOR="000000">
                        <b>Size...</b> 7.41K<br>
                        <b>Download size...</b> 50.3K<br>
                        <b>What does it do?</b><br>
                        The ScrollItUp applet scrolls text vertically.  Incorporates URL links, configurable text color (including link color, and hover color), font style and size, and target frame for links to go to. Text remains the same style throughout the scroll.  Includes stop, rewind and forwardwind buttons.  Applet sets the layout to fit whatever size you specify the applet to be.<br>
                        <b>The bits you need</b><br>
                        <A HREF="parameters.txt">HTML Code & Configuration Info</A> - cut and paste into an HTML document.<br>
                        <A HREF="ScrollItUp.exe"><IMG SRC="../downloadit.gif" BORDER="0" ALIGN="absbottom" HSPACE="5">DOWNLOAD</A> this page and linking info as a self-extracting zip file.<br>

            <TD ALIGN="left" BGCOLOR="000000">
            <FONT SIZE="1" FACE="Verdana, Arial" COLOR="ffffff">
            &nbsp;Copyright © 2000 Pikeus - All Rights Reserved &nbsp;|&nbsp; <A CLASS="b" HREF="">&nbsp;;</A> &nbsp;|&nbsp; <A CLASS="b" HREF="" TARGET="_blank"> - home</A><br>

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I don't think you're going to be able to use the two of these together. The applet appears to require a separate text file, which the newfeed script doesn't provide.

The way I'd go about this for my own site would be to:

1. Write a serverside script to parse the RSS feed and output HTML.

2. Use a serverside include to include the generated HTML into the page.

3. Use DOM scripting (not a Java applet) to make the HTML scroll.

What I'd do if I were you is to find a DHTML/DOM scroller script that will act on content in the page, say on a DIV with a given id. Then you can call the channel renderer script to generate the headlines HTML inside a DIV with that id.
cadalistAuthor Commented:
Zontar thanks for your response but I am fairly new with Java Applets and I don't know how to do what you are suggesting.

I don't even know where the DHTML/DOM scroller is?
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