Printer Sharing Problem

Hi Experts,
  I have two computers in my premise. Both of them are connected using a cross-over cable. Let me name it as A and B. Both computers are running with W2K OS. I have an ADSL connection in computer 'A'. I shared this connection inorder access it from 'B'. Now the scenario is like this..
1. I can access internet from both 'A' and 'B'.
2. I can see computers each other from both 'A' and 'B'
3. I can access 'B' from 'A'.
Now the problem is, I could not access A from B. Eventhough they are in samework, whenever I try to access A from B it is giving an error message. The funny part is that i can ping A from B and B from A. Even i can map drives of A from B.
 Drives of A are formatted in FAT32 and B in NTFS.
Can anybody help me to sort out this issue please

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I am pretty sure your problem is with the different formats of the drives a similar thing had happened to me in the past.  If you formatted them so there both the same format it should work fine.  But Im sure you don't want to do that so another way that I have found to work is to map network drive If you just want to be able to access the other computers hard drives and what not you can go to network connections(or perhaps its called network neighborhood) then go to tools and then choose Map Network Drive
from there you can either browse to the other hard drive or you can type it in manually if that doesn't work by this format \\COMPUTERNAME\FOLDER OR DRIVE LETTER SHARED
WHat operating system is the computer which you cannot access?
You say you can map a drive on the computer, but not the printer?
If it's 98 (as you say it's fat32, i'm taking a wild guess) under file and printer sharing in network neighborhood properties, is PRINTERS checked off to share?
If you haven't, right click on the printer icon in 'My Computer' or 'Control Panel' and select sharing, then check the 'shared as' box as well.
The network redirector doesn't care how the drivea are formatted.
Don't reformat anything.... yet
pvrajAuthor Commented:
HI Sealraid.,
 I really appreciate your reply. Thanx.
 As you mentioned i could map the drive and access the resources. But I could not access the shared printer resource. my printer shared name is hpofficejet. when i try to access this printer by typing \\computer\hpofficejet it is giving me a message "could not connet to the resouce .... " How can i access my printer now
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pvrajAuthor Commented:
Hi chicagoan,
 thnx for ur reply. both of my os are w2k. printers is shared.
tried deleting it and reinstalling?
Who are you connecting to the machine as?
well if your trying to use the printer and connect to that I wouldn't use map network drive thats mostly for access to your hdds so for the print goto start printers and faxes then go to add a printer in the upper left corner on the XP machines you want using that network printer.  once you click add a printer click the selection that says network printer and then hit next then go down to connect to this printer and first try hitting next it should bring up a browse window for you to browse to the 2k comp and select that printer do that and then hit finish.
If that doesn't work mine is set up like I told you before \\name of the 2k computer\shared printer name and that should work.
pvrajAuthor Commented:
hi sealraid,
  I have Windows 2000 in both PCs
  "a browse window for you to browse to the 2k comp and select that printer".
 I got this window. Eventhough i could see the computer, no printers are listed.
 "If that doesn't work mine is set up like I told you before \\name of the 2k computer\shared printer name and that should work. " 
 This option also i tried. I m getting an error message which sounds like "could not connect to the shared resources".  Still i could ping both computers.

Can u see the shared folder of A when u browse (Neighborhood)from B?  Also the shared printer?
Check all of your shared folders; do u have IPC$ and print$ ?
Do u have some Desktopfirewalls activated? a second IP on one Interface?
Map the IP to Hostname in HOSTS and LMHOSTS, don`t care about DNS entry in HOSTS
"could not connect to the shared resources" ...and the rest of the message?

hope it helps
pvrajAuthor Commented:
 I can see the shared folder of A frm B only after mapping the drive. If i directly click on the computer A it wont open and show the resources.
From A -> Network neighbourhood->my entire network->microsoft network -> will show PC A and B.

From B -> Network neighbourhood->my entire network->microsoft network -> will show PC A and B. But A will not open if u double click.

But if i map drives of A in B i can access shared files. I shared my internet connection in A. DHCP is enabled in A. PC A is with IP and B is also getting ip in the same range (eg


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they are in the same workgroup?
pvrajAuthor Commented:
Yes, They are in the same workgroup. The link given is applicable for windows95 i think. Do you think it is  a problem with different file system?. NTFS and FAT32
NTS vs fat are not an issue,
If you do a FIND COMPUTER via the IP addess, can you browse ?
OK, i know this behavior, the PC has to negotiates the MasterBrowser. It takes time. Also, when u don`t use Netbios over IP this is a known behavior in a peer2peer network. The same occures, when u block the ports UDP 137,138 TCP139.
check for the listening ports with netstat -a -n


you might want to check your crossover cable setup thats another thing I may have overlooked
well depending if you bought it or if you made it yourself

another option I would concider would be if you have the resources I would buy a router/switch and plug both computers into that It would definately work then. plus you would have the option of adding more computers to your network.

you could set it up easily like this plug the cat5 cable from your ADSL modem into the uplink on the switch and then plug your 2 computers into the regular ports and wala internet will work on both and you will be able to access each of them and share printers through the switch.

When you enable Internet connection sharing, the adapter connected to the home or small office network is given a new static IP address configuration. Consequently, TCP/IP connections established between any small office or home office computer and the Internet connection sharing computer at the time of enabling Internet connection sharing are lost and need to be reestablished.
--copied from windows 2000 help topics

In your scenario, network won’t work properly while internet connection sharing has been enabled. Try windows xp (server) and windows 2000 (client), network and internet sharing can work all right. I have tested on it.
I'm not sure that's what that article says. When the inside adaptor is given a new address, the connections are severed until the inside machines reconnect to the new IP address.
pvrajAuthor Commented:
When u enable internet connection, automatically DHCP get enabled and assigne IP of same range for all other machine. All other machine should be configured for assigning IP automatically.

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