Desktop Folder Contents Reverting from Icon View to Detail

I have folders on my desktop that I use to group lilke program shortcuts.  All folders are set to display these shortcuts as icons.  Recently, after I reboot, the folder contents now always revert to detail view, and I have to keep resetting them to 'icon' view.  What can I do to get XP to keep them in the icon view setting?  I'm not sure what changed on my system to cause this, but it used to hold the correct view with no problem.  Is there a tweaking program or something that will adjust this problem?

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Open Explorer
Open a folder
Set it like you want it
Go to  Tools > Folder Opitions
Make sure Use Windows Classic folder is check
Go to the view tab and click the  Apply to all Folders button
Greetings, WSC!

With the folder open, set the icon view.  Hold down the CTRL key and close the folder. Now next time you open the folder, it will be in the icon view that you set.

Best wishes, war1
If that does not help,  start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and go to the following sub-folders:


Right-click on each one (i.e. BagMRU and Bags) and select Delete to get rid of both of them.

Reboot your PC and set up each of your folders as you like it

Redo what CO said. (Apply to all folders)
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WSCAuthor Commented:
The control key thing didn't work at all.  Changing the folder settings didn't seem to make a difference either.

  I'm not used to working in the registry.  My key is listed as  "HKEY_CURRENT_USERS/.Default\Software"; the ".default" you didn't mention.  This is XP Pro.  Does that make a difference?

2. What sort of precautions should I take?  Export the branch?

3. I only have the "BagRMU" and not the "Bags".

4. Do I delete what it's in the right window entirely or the key in the left window?  In the Right window I have 3 items: "Default" , "MRUListEx  Reg_BINARY ff ff ff ff", and "Nodeslots   REG_BINARY  (zero-length binary value)".  Does this seem right?  Do I remove all three things?

5. What other repercussions does removing this key have elsewhere that I need to know about?  Can this hurt me?

Thanks so much.

Delete BagRMU completely.
WSCAuthor Commented:

I did this and I still have one desktop folder whose contents insist on reverting to details and I lose my "Status Bar on" selection as well.  Do I need to repeat this exercise?  Is there some order of events I need to follow (e.g. set the folders, delete the key, reset the folder, boot).

P.S. The BagRMU is still gone; no longer in the registry.

WSCAuthor Commented:

Naw, this failed completely.  I rebooted and all of these desktop folders reverted back to a detail list and the status bar option deselected.  What now?
Ok. Try this fix and restart windows:

And now, set the folder options as you wish.

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WSCAuthor Commented:
Worked so far!  
So, if I understand the related page you cited correctly, I've somehow exceed a default limit of 400 widows settings XP will remember.  I certainly have waaay more than 400 folders on my system, but it's hard to believe I've personally set more than 400.

 Does this including changing the way, say a music folder displays (title, artist, year, etc.) or seeing a photo folder displayed as thumbnails?  I did have a bunch of each of these (which all reverted back to normal view after my registry update), but I can't believe the total was anywhere near 400!

kelly-korner makes mention of "Increase Folder View Options Limit: (Line 2)"; what does this mean?  I take it it's now set at 8,000, correct?  What's the 'limit (line2)" mean? (see  Is 8,000 as high as I can go?

Is there somewhere this current actual total can be viewed?

Thanks! Let me know.
Does this including changing the way, say a music folder displays (title, artist, year, etc.) or seeing a photo folder displayed as thumbnails?

Yes. It is also included.

See this note from Kelly:
Windows [XP] remembers 400 folder settings. When that number is reached some settings aren't retained any longer. You can change this to 8000 by adding this edit to the registry.

BTW, 8000 is the max value.
WSCAuthor Commented:

Excellent.  Worked like a charm. I hope I don't exceed 8,000.  I've enjoyed setting various folders to my preferences.  Had no idea there was an upper limit.

Thanks again.

This fix absolutely did not work for me. I use both a desktop machine and a laptop (both XP Pro), and any time I log out of one and onto the other (same account with roaming profile), all view settings are still reset to the default. Anyone have other suggestions?
WSCAuthor Commented:
This tweaking tool:

X-set up has this option built in.  Maybe this will make a difference.
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