Linked list in c <list.h> ?

I want to use a linked list in c, and I saw that there's a file called list.h in the include of visual studio... Is that what I'm supposed to use? If so, can you please give me an example of how to do that?
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If this is you home assignment, you need to write everything on your own ... you cannot use the list.h that is already there ... I think it is C++ lib file ... so you cannot use it for a C programming assignment any way
JavaInTheMorningAuthor Commented:
This is a home assignment, but the point is not using a linked list, this is something I want to do... THe point is drawing something with OpenGL... I found out about CList, can anyone give me an example of using it?


#include <list.h>

// or new-style header:
// #include <list>
// using namespace std;

typedef list<int> INT_LIST;

INT_LIST list;


INT_LIST::iterator theIterator;

for (theIterator = list.begin(); iterator != list.end(); theIterator++)
    printf("%d\n", *theIterator);


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If you want to use Microsoft's CList, check out the COLLECT example at Be warned that this is MFC, which means that it is non-standard C++ and should be discussed at http:/Programming/Programming_Languages/MFC/ .

AlexFM's suggestion to use the STL containers is standard C++ and should be discussed at http:/Programming/Programming_Languages/Cplusplus/ . If it is neither here nor there to you, I'd go with AlexFM's suggestion.

Poor old vanilla C doesn't have containers in its libraries and non-specific requests for help in implementing linked lists in C usually get followed up by accusations of homework cheating.... and quite rightly so :-)
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