Novell logon password problem!

I  just bought a second hand PC with Win2000, it has been set up to logon via novell network software. Not knowing the username and p'word of the pc i cannot even just logon locally and then i assume you can remove the software. Using f8 to access the machine only seems to give various safe mode options, how can we remove the novell software which hoepfully then will allow me to log on normally.

I would like to remove the software but even when i try to boot up in safe mode i still get the novell log on screen! please help!
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akasha28Author Commented:
Thanks for trying to help i tried those two links but it doesnt work and only puts me further in the dark, Even when i click 'workstation ' only....The novell log on screen still asks for a password.
Try booting into safe mode, logging in as the local administrator account, and then removing the software that way. That is, if you have the local administrator account information.
If you have, try this:
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after you select the workstation only in the login window. put in the user name and pw you know that of windows.. it is just a novell window.. but your windows username and pw will work there.. once you are in there.. after you logon to the workstation.. right mouse click on the Network neighbourhood.. go to properties.. and then LAN properties.. remove Novell client..
akasha28Author Commented:
There is no windows username and password that i know of, and also even when in safe mode the novell client pops up and asks for password and user name. When i click on workstation it still asks for a password which i dont have so i cannot log on to anything because of this novell client thing. But there is no windows user name and password ...It;s only that novell pop up thing which is in my way.
Then use the link I sent to you, and follow the instructions. It's the only way around the lack of a logon.
It's either that, or wipe the machine now and start over.
akasha28Author Commented:
That link does not help in no way whatsoever because it is pertaining to a operating system and an issue which has nothing to do with the problem i have,  also if i knew how to wipe the machine and start over i would have done that a long long tim ago, but anyway thanks for trying to help.
try creating a boot disk from this link

and then you will be able to reset the admin password.. then after you reset the pw, there you will see the local account.. and also reset the pw.. just have a clear pw(no pw) then reboot the machine, and then put in the username and pw by using workstation only.

make sure that you create the boot disk using a s/w like winimage. boot the machine with this boot disk
akasha28Author Commented:
There is no admin password the only password on there is the novell logon pop-up screen which i am trying to get rid of .

i understand your problem. We use novell here too. I agree that you see a novell screen. in the novell screen, put in the windows user name and pw(any one) that you will recover from the tool which i listed above.

so you will see the novell screen(login one)
and you will put in windows user name and pw( any one) in the novell windows after selecting "workstation" only option.

that will log you on right into the machine. once you r in there.. remove novell client. you have to logon to the machine in order to get of novell client right? so thats why you would login using you windows username and pw. You will get the windows login information by using one of the tools listed by me above. that is
akasha28Author Commented:
There was never any user name or password on the computer except what pops up with the novell screen so because i cnanot bypass the novell screen i cannot log on. Thats all.Thanks everyone for really trying to help.
Akasha28, if the Operating System is Windows 2000, then I guarantee there is a username password on that machine. However, the security was provided by Novell Netware, that is why you are seeing the Novell Login screen.
The Operating System, Windows 2000, is Microsofts Premier Business OS. As such has built in security designed to either stand alone, thus making the machine secure, or in an Enterprise environment, relying on a server for security.
As such, there is a minimum of an Administrator account on the machine, and possibly more.
This (these) are the account name and passwords you see referenced.
Hope that helps clear some of your confusion.

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akasha28Author Commented: you have nay type of messenger like hotmail or yahoo where we can go over this a bit more....If you can spare the time i think you know a lot and maybe it would help if we interact back and forth that way beause i relaly want to get past that novell screen on that computer , also if you want tme to put up more points i will for your time but let me know and then you can help me out i think it will eb much easier.

hotmail id is:
Yahoo id is" :

I am asking anyone who can help me  bypass this thing.
Ummm, I am REALLY picky about my email addie...
Tell you what. we can IM this and probably resolve.
Check your mail, you should have an invite.
akasha28Author Commented:
I am deleting this question.....I brought the computer to a technician and within 5minutes he helped me out but thanks for the help all of you especiall casca.

I am gonna split the poitns between you and adonis since you have both contributed much towards me helping that technician fix my problem ..once again thanks and let me say yall got a great thing going on here.
Why, thank you very much.
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