Why won't Control+Alt+Delete work on my computer?

I just bought a notebook with Win98...when a program freezes I know to press Control+Alt+Delete.  Unfortunately, this has never worked on my notebook.  Is there a setting I can change??  Help!
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What happens if you press ctrl+Alt+del when your system is running okay? The reason I ask is because you should normally get a box that lists running applications. By doing this you can test if the ctrl+alt_del  combination works.

There are sometimes when a PC freezes and the ctrl+Alt+Del does not work because some of your system files are corrupt. What I suggest is to test if the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination works by testing it when the system is running okay. I would then run scanreg to try and repair the registry, then scandisk using the thorough option to repair any disk problems and then I would run a program called SFC.EXE to check and repair corrupt system files.
caedmonscall827Author Commented:
When i pres cntrl+alt+delete nothing happens.  The box that will pop up on other computers doesn't pop up.  Its as if my action is not recognized at all.
In that case can you try to do some repairs by running scanreg, scandisk and sfc?
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caedmonscall827Author Commented:
I've been running Norton System Works '02 but I don't know too much about computers and all that.  One problem is recognized at Medium level but Norton is unable to repair it and I cannot figure out what the unsolvable problem is-perhaps its related to this.

Can you look up that error in Norton which has the medium level problem and report here the exact details of what it says.  Information like this would help us troubleshoot your problem.

Ctrl-Alt-Del is a good tool to help unfreeze computers, but depending on the problem, it does not always work.  It seems that your notebook has a particular problem which is causing it to freeze in the exact same manner.  This is probably why you cannot get ctrl-alt-del to work.  Have you tried pressing the Esc key several times or using Alt-F4?  These methods sometimes work for unfreezing. Also, if the windows key is active, you can attempt shut down the computer using Start > Shut Down.


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Great advice above. I might also offer that if you have an option to connect an external keyboard, try that, which may help to elimnate the laptops' keyboard as suspect.
Also, this may be silly, but it's worth asking:

Are you doing the key sequence correctly?  Are you holding down Ctrl, and with that key held, holding down Alt, and then finally with those two held, pressing Del?

Just want to elminate any possiblities.
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