about network speed

I am new to networking so i have this question.

Lets say i have two computers connected on a 100Mb network.  And lets say i want to transfer 100Mb file between them.  So from my understanding, i must have the transfer completed in 10 seconds.  Am i right? But the transfer speed shows up as only about 200Kb a second, why not 100Mb?

Can anyone this 10/100Mb technology.  Is there a way to use about 90% of the hole network speed?  Thank you.
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AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperAsked:
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AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Sorry, i wanted to say not 100Mb file, but 1000Mb file.
before answering just for your information

10/100 mbps is generally mega bits per seconds and the file that you transfer will be in kilo Bytes per sec..

Generally if your NIC card says 10/100 mbps it means it can accept upto 10 mega bits or 100 mega bits per second connection..That doesnot mean that you can have data transfer because it depends on other traffic and loads

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Basically it means that the speed of your NIC card can transfer data at a maximum of speed of 10mbps if you have
10 mb NIC or if you have 10/100mb NIC it can switch between 10 mb or 100 mb depending on the supply of data

first let's look at a comparison of bytes to bits:

Bytes/sec.   bits/sec.
12.5 MBps 100 Mbps ethernet
so theoretically a 100Mb file would take 100 / 12.5 = 8 seconds

If we assume TCP, protocol overhead will consume some of that, so say 11.0 MBps is available for data with normal packet sizes

100 / 11 ~ 9.1 seconds

This is assuming that both machines have disk subsystems and ethernet adaptors and drivers that can send and accept the data at that rate. A busy cpu, badly fragmented disk, irq sharing and driver implementation can all affect performance. Operating systems come into play as well as tasks are prioritized so that something like a file transfer won't slow all other tasks to a crawl. A netware server will generally see file much higher server performance than windows98 on the same hardware because it's written from the ground up to do that and little else.

Now the intermediate networking equipment comes into play. In a full duplex crossover cable scenarios one should have no collisions and minimal latency. Using a (good) hub will add some latency and drop you down to half duplex so it will also introduce some collisions. Bandwidth drops as latency goes up. (see http://www.babinszki.com/Networking/Max-Ethernet-and-TCP-Throughput.html) The use of a switch between two nodes can actually be slower than a hub as the hub has only to repeat the packet whereas the switch has to examine the packet and it's span tree to find the destination, though a switch starts becoming an advantage very quickly when more machines are sharing the wire.

So you have to test your particular setup to see what bandwidth you're getting and work on each bottleneck individually, optimize each machine and operating system for file sharing.


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AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you chicagoan and everyone else.  I will look at you comments in more ditails and examin my setuation

Thank you
AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks Chicagoan.  Now i understand why i brows internet  faster on linux, than on windows (even though i use the same browser).
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