Importing an Address Book from Outlook Express to Outlook has led to a total loss of data

My addresses in the Outlook Express Address Book, about 200, were organised into subfolders. I have discovered, too late, that subfolders cannot be imported. So I went back to Outlook Express, only to find that the Address Book had been transformed into the Outlook Contacts List, and all my subfolders and addresses have disappeared.

I have searched for .wab files, but there aren't any.

Surely my addresses, collected over years, can't be just be demolished like this? Is there somewhere else I can look?

500 points if i get my addresses back!

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   Outlook Express address book is store in wab file. Do a search for *.wab

Outlook stores address book and emails in PST file.  Do a recovery of PST file.
waddiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply, but as I said in my query, I have searched for wab files (using *.wab and including hidden files) but there is no sign of one.

I have also now searched for .pst files, and can't locate any of those either, nor can I find any trace of Application Data. I wonder if titles are different in WindowsXP?

I will try again tomorrow and will communicate if I get any results.

waddiAuthor Commented:
I wasn't thinking hard enough. I am using WindowsXP, so I have simply used Restore System to go back a week. Now I can start again, and protect the OE address book - but I am not sure now it is worth the effort.
waddi, glad the problem is solved.  Protect OE address book by doing a backup.

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