Can't scroll in the VBE

I have a scroll mouse that will scroll in all applications, Excel, Word, etc. but it will not scroll in the Visual Basic 6? Does anyone have a fix for that?
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ampapaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I uninstalled version 5 of Intellipoint software and installed version 4 using a standard scroll mouse and the scrolling is back to working. Give that a try Rog.

Rog DManager Inforamtion SystemsCommented:
Unfortunately if you are using VB 6.0 or less, that capability is not there in the IDE.

I am not aware of any tool that will let you do this.


ampapaAuthor Commented:
I use 6 at work with no problems?
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Rog DManager Inforamtion SystemsCommented:
You can scroll code in 6 at work huh.....

I have never been able to scroll in VB 6.0.  I just assumed the IDE would not let you .  This is at home, work or others computers.

I hope someone here does have the answer, because I would really like to know.  

ampapaAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I've ran into this before but never paid attention to how it got fixed? That's what I get for not being alert. I definitely can scroll at the office though.

I thought it was fixed when I installed MS mouse drivers for a scroll mouse? Tried it but nothing doing. I thoght this would be a simple fix everyone was having a problem with?
try installing the mouse driver for windows
this will work
it worked for me

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