.Tif Files in C#

Again for my lovely OCR Project, I need to be able to use .tif files. TIF Files use an Index Pixel Format. Does C# Natively support these? And if not, would my best approach be to manually make it, or find a library?
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You can load a TIFF image with this code:

System.Drawing.Bitmap bmp = new System.Drawing.Bitmap (@"C:\picture.tif");

Then you can manipulate the bitmap using the Bitmap class members.
derekthorntonAuthor Commented:
but can it be properly saved back as a tif?
You can use Bitmap.Save (actually inherited from the Image class) to save it to a specified file or stream. Have a look at the different versions of the Save method - you can specify an ImageFormat, ImageCodecInfo and/or EncoderParameters.
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ImageFormat.Tiff is what you will need, so something like:

bmp.Save (@"c:\newfile.tif", ImageFormat.Tiff);

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derekthorntonAuthor Commented:
How do you know all this? Is there a list of all these class members and/or fields somewhere? The MSDN Library is useless, it has no organization whatsoever.
Just the opposite, I use very often the MSDN library and it helps me a lot. I only figured out that the Bitmap class supports TIFF format by loading one (with the line I showed you). Then I went to the MSDN, wrote in the index Bitmap class, then selected all members and just checked the Save method. It has several overloads and I just had a look at the easiest one to work for you.

MSDN online is somewhat more difficult to work on, so I normally prefer the local version. However the online version has absolutely everything as well and is more actual so I also check it from time to time.
derekthorntonAuthor Commented:
Thanks again. I guess I should install the MSDN Local Copy then, I figured it was no different than the online version.
It's a little bit better organized and it has an index - very useful I think. Also it's much faster, you don't need internet connection... But in a bad case the online will also help you once you get used to using it
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