BST, anyone see whats wrong?

Anyone know whats wrong with my code?
Wanting to keep a frequency count on each word.  Its not incrementing right or frequency is not initialized right or something.

Any ideas?

Code here: <dead link removed by CetusMOD>
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You have a frequency variable for each Node, yet you initialize frequency = 0 in your Tree constructor and did not get a compile error? That's where the error lies.
Also, in your InsertItem, I don't know what the purpose of setting current = t is, but you seem to want to point it to the newly created Node. If that's the case, then your line current = t; should be in the same else loop with your allocation.
>>else {
>>   t = new TreeNode(Item,0,0);
>>   current = t;
and not outside of it. Otherwise your pointer current will be misplaced since there possibly will me many recursive calls before it waiting to finish up.
In your findNode, using return would be a safer habit than break.
>>if (current->data == searchItem) {
>>        break; // found match, store in BST current ptr
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killer455Author Commented:
So frequency should not be initialized to anything?
The best logic is: your frequency variable belongs to class TreeNode, thus it should be initialized by that class itself. So allow your TreeNode constructor to do frequency = 0 for you. Remember if you have n Nodes that's n frequency variables for you.
   TreeNode(T newT, TreeNode *l, TreeNode *r)
      data = newT;
      left = l;
      right = r;
      frequency = 0;

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killer455Author Commented:
How would i start frequency at 1?
killer455Author Commented:
oh ok nm
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