Problem in using showModelessDialog

I have worked with showModelessDialog method of window object. I used it in the onclick event handler of a button as below to open myDialog.htm file:

     win=window.showModlessDialog(‘myDialog.htm’, window)

and I put a button on the myDialog page to show the URL of the first window when clicked as this:


It worked fine. Then I wanted to show myDialog window through executing a context menu command. I added necessary changes to registry to insert a command to IE context menu and targeted it to a script containing this line of code:

     parentWin.showModelessDialog(‘myDialog.htm’, parentWin)

So far so good. myDialog window opened. I expected to be able to use dialogArguments again to do some changes in the window I clicked the right mouse button. But unexpectedly I understood that no parameter could be sent to myDialog window, in fact using every parameter that I passed to it was faced with an undefined error. Well, where the problem lies. How can I access the window I made a right click on in this way?

I hope I could express my problem clearly and I hope there is a solution to my problem.

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ren_bCommented: has a lot of info on it...

but really, isn't a showmodelessdialog just a window that pops up with no attributes and throws variables to the main page?  its really a pointless function imo.

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oh to answer you question i guess. the showmodelessdialog window is jsut a little dialog window, its not an actual html webpage so it doesn't behave like one. when you right click, it won't do anything. this thing only works in ie.  i dunno what you did to your registry, or why. why do you need to right click anywya?
unless you use file: protocol, you can do something like

parentWin.showModelessDialog(‘http://server/myDialog.htm?any_string_here’, parentWin)

...and than parse any_string.

another freaky way to do this is to use about: protocol so you can supply html with already defined vars. like, try to copy and paste in IE address bar folowing url (that is whole line from about:... to ...on>) to see how it works:

about:<button onclick="alert('hi')">say hi</button>
note, however, that about: is very unreliable :( it could work fine on one PC and do not on another.
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