Can't retrieve Session Variables on second page

I'm registering some session variabels after successful login, but when i try to retrieve those session variables on second page, it gives me empty values.

However i tested session variables on same page of loginscript. It shows me the results, but no response on another page.

What's the solution??
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You should show the code you are using, then it would be eaiser to help.

but this should work, if session.save_path is correct defined in php.ini



$_SESSION["test"] = "Just a test";
echo $_SESSION["test"];

<a href="page2.php">Page 2</a>



echo $_SESSION["test"];

<a href="page1.php">Page 1</a>
akilwaniAuthor Commented:
i've set the session.save_path to C:/Windows/Temp in php.ini. I checked the temp, its saving the session variables. But its strange that i can't retreive the session variables in inner pages.

Also I tested your simple script....I can't retrieve session variable on page2.....

Make sure you are calling session_start() at the top of every page.  If it is not called on every single page that you are using PHP session variables, you will not have access to them.

Hope that helps
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akilwaniAuthor Commented:
Actually the problem was in PHP.INI file...i extended the session time and now session variables are working fine.

Glad you figured it out.  You can get your points refunded from the Community Support area.  Just post this link in there and tell them that you found your answer.
He found his answer.  No objections.
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