Uninstalling Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

I have Windows 2000 Professional running on a used computer.
I want to uninstall Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition but it won't let me do it without a password - which I don't have!
Can anyone help (without reformatting the hard disk etc.)

The exact message is
"Uninstall Password: Please enter the uninstall password to remove Norton ANtivirus from this computer." Parent Server: NVADMIN Password:

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I donot think it is right on our part to give instructions on how to bypass the password protection to uninstall norton anti-virus.

If you are not the administrator of the machine then you need to talk with the administrator..if you have got an used machine ( as you say),  then ask the previous owner..

gordontmAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.
I realise that this is dangerous information to give out.
However, notwithstanding that, we do have a legitimate reason for uninstalling - we want to upgrade to the latest version.
The person in the company who sold us the computer has since moved on...
I guess we will upgrade to a non-Norton virus checker then!

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I went through the same issue with Norton AV corporate....  You will need to uninstall it manually.  This includes deleting folders/file from your hard drive and editing the registry....

If you are comfortable with that, here's a link:


Hope it works, but if not... search their online free support knowledge base for "manual uninstallation" and you will find a document called "How to find manual uninstallation documents for Symantec antivirus products".  This will be where you can choose the documentation you need to uninstall norton for whatever version you have.

Hope this helps!!!

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There is no way of getting past this problem, you have to remove all norton files from windows and then search the entire registry for norton and then symantec and delete all entries which is about 500 entries. Then you can restart your pc and reinstall norton and you wont get any error messages about passwords. I have tried and tested this with Norton Internet Security Suite 2004 and it works
Chuckseyaway is correct... The link I provided in my last post will explain how to manually uninstall all of Nortons files from the hard drive and the registry.  

The process really only takes 30 minutes or so, it's not that difficult.  I had the same problem you have and had to go through this process about 10 times on different comptuers.

Just a reminder: If you do follow my advice and edit the registry to remove all of Nortons keys, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP THE REGISTRY FIRST!!!

BTW, it has been a while since you've posted, gordontm.  Has any of our suggestions helped you with this issue?
Have you tried the default password?  "symantec"
gordontmAuthor Commented:
I am sorry for not replying for so long...
As it happened, the hard disk crashed and I had to do a complete re-install. So that solved the problem!
But thank you for your suggestionn tebacher which seems like it would have worked fine!

I've just run in to this problem - and the default password worked just fine!

Thanks to AldecIT - good work.

PS. I had a good laugh at Sunray's remarks, very amusing self-righteousness ;-)
>> avocado_kebab

well thought he is not supposed to do if he was not supposed to do ..
I would like to say thanks to AldecIT for his idea about default password "symantec".

I've just purchased SAV Corporate Edition 8.1, installed it on 15-20 workstations and found that I need to change the mode "Managed" to "Unmanaged" for 2 or 3 of them.
I tried to uninstall Symantec Client but the damn thing would always come up with "Please enter the uninstall password... " message. I can swear that during SAV server installation it has never asked me a thing about uninstall password.
How did you find out about default password?

Thanks again.
I've come across that password a few times.

When I first started at the company I'm currently with, nobody knew the password.  I got tired of being unable to use the Symantec system center or not being able to uninstall from any workstations.  I wasn't able to find any info online, so in the end, I dictionary-cracked the password.
After this, I stumbled upon the default password through Symantec's online support.  I had definitely looked here before, but somehow I missed it.
I haven't experienced any server 8.1 installations, but if it's similar to 7.x, I'm not surprised if you missed the default password.  I overlooked it many times before I even realized it was telling me the password--oops!

I'm glad that little tidbit of info has helped some of you out!
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default password "symantec".
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