windows update won't install any update at all...

Hi there..    I'm having this little but consistent problem with windows update. I've just installed a new Win XP pro and since the first moment I couldn't get windows update to work. It scans the system, it shows me the updates, I select any of them (I mean any!) , go for 'Install', I accept the agreement, it goes IMMEDIATELY to 100% of the download and then it fails .. 'No updates were installed'.. there's no error code..
I have two disks .. the master is the one on which I'm installing XP on the other there's Win 2000 server installed. When XP first loaded the boot drive had the letter G: and win 2000 drive had C:  I thought this was the reason.. so I changed it in the registry HK_local_machine/software/system/mountdevices ..   After this the OS didn't boot up so I did a repair of the whole XP installation from the XP CD..  now it boots up correctly and the drive letters are in order.. but still windows update won't work..  same behaviour..   I haven't found any solution anywhere.. so I guess it must be something quite simple and obvious.. but I can't get what it is..  does it have anything to do with the drive letters? I see it as the only source of the problem..
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Are the http 1.1 settings enabled in internet explorer options?
From ....
....Windows Update Problems

I have received quite a number of reports of people having problems with Windows Update. There are several problems people experience with Windows Update; I will discuss some of the more frequently reported problems and their solutions here.

Updates fail to install.

In most cases a corrupted CatRoot2 folder causes this. You can fix this by renaming the \Windows\System32\CatRoot2 folder to CatRoot2OLD.

Note that you do not want to rename the \Windows\System32\CatRoot folder!

Now try again to get the update that failed to install previously.

....(...there's also a link to a windows update troubleshooter on that page.)

... (I've got my own problems getting win2000 sp4 to work)
First check to see you have javascript and Activex control enabled in your browser.. if not , enable them and try

Also check these

Temporarily Remove content of IE Uninstall Folder

OEM files solution;EN-US;Q281967&ID=KB;EN-US;Q281967

Comprehensive Microsoft Trouble-Shooter;en-us;q303399

Angular Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Angular 2, a JavaScript framework for developing dynamic single page applications.

   Make sure you system time and date is correct.  Make sure Control Panel > Regional Settings is set to English.  In IE browser, make sure View > Encoding is set to Western European.

Clear your temporary internet files and cookies.
BrentionAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay..
I've tried everything..  but the problem persists.
- http 1.1 is enabled
- I renamed the catroot2 folder
- Active X and Javascript are enabled
- I even reinstalled XP Pro. This time the drive letters have come out in perfect order, but the problem still persists.

I had win XP Home before and everything was fine.
The Regional Settings are abviously ok...   The Uninstall folder for IE does not exist (since it's there by default (IE v.6)).
I tried right after the reinstall... without Firewall nor Antivirus..  NOTHING !
The Microsoft Troubleshooting website does not help me, since they don't mention my exact case.. which is 'the windows update does not work with ANY kind of updates.. driver, security or system. Now I'm totally lost.

I believe 'cookies' are required to be enabled in IE for Windows Update to work (in your brower).
Make sure your IE settings show that cookies are not blocked.

As a test to see if any of your IE settings are preventing updates from working, bring your security level in IE *all* the way down to LOW and try the updates again. If they do work, great! But then experiment with finding what setting changed to allow Windows Updates to work, but don't leave the LOW setting there unintentionally.

Best practice: Keep your Security settings as high as you can and still able to get around ok. Only change those settings that are required to change and you understand what you are changing and the possible consequences in the case you DO change them. Some changes are minor and affect prefential stuff. Other settings change how trusting your PC is with unknown sources/potentially harmhul files and should only be changed if you know EXACTLY what your are doing.

Hope this helps some,

Windows Update needs to be able to create a folder on your hard drive called C:\WUTemp. If it can't do that, you will get the message you have received - have you changed the NTFS permissions on the root of your C:\ ? If so, right click on the drive, select Properties then the Security tab and ensure all the boxes are ticked then try Windows Update again.

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you can try download the update and install manally.
BrentionAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gary.. that's actually a good suggestion..  the answer is no. I didn't change the NTFS permission on C:, but I checked that ..just in case..  (I went on windows update right after the reinstall.. without having changed anything!!)..   well I don't remember exactly what the default permissions should be for Everyone on C: (it was Read and Execute), I added Write and Execute, applied to child objects, restarted the system, but nothing.
The whole system is working perfectly.. so I give up. This is certainly a malfunctioning but I don't understand what's causing it.
BrentionAuthor Commented:
DONE !!! Thanks Gary.. I created the WUTemp folder myself and it worked..  I don't know why it couldn't create it itself...   I'll try now marking off those permissions I gave to Everyone on the root and see what happens...
Cheers.. thanx again
huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
I know this is really an old entry, but searching for a soluion recently in google popped this page up.  I tried the accepted solution, but it didn't work for me.  For those others that are searching in the future, here was my solution that worked (copied from - with much appreciation):

Windows Updates will not install. - White Liriu  
07-Jul-07 09:06:03
I had the same problem! Just do this: click start - run - cmd - ok
One by one, write these comands and click enter after each one (you must get
a success message after you click enter for each one).

regsvr32 wuweb.dll
regsvr32 wups2.dll
regsvr32 wups.dll
regsvr32 wucltui.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 wuapi.dll

huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
PS:  this was my problem after a repair install (windows xp, sp2, ie7 etc. etc.).  The repair install set me back to ie6.
This solved my problem!  Yeee Haa
After the time I wasted on this problem and the fact that your suggestion solved the problem in seconds, I just had to add my thanks to you for taking the time to add your comments to this "thread"

As background, my approach to re-installing a PC is to connect the HDD to another system (IDE/SATA to USB cable) so that nothing is running. I then make a folder in the root called "Previous" and move the entire contents of the drive to this folder.

I can then do a "Clean Install" without damaging any of the former contents, I can actually put back the original system if I need to and when the install is complete, I can "Pick through" the "Previous" folder and rescue loved data, mail etc..

I've recently reloaded two PC's (One of them Twice) and had this "Update Problem" every time

Till now, I'd never imagined a down side, but clearly, previous NTFS permissions etc can affect the disk in unexpected ways.

Again. Many Thanks.
Re registering the WU dll's did it for me on a clean XP Pro SP2 build after a successful SP3 update. After SP3 completed and I rebooted, I got one more update round and then would not install any further updates for Windows or Office.

THANKS Huntersvcs, adding this fix was a sweet call!!

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