98se updates

Where can I get on CD all of the Microsoft updates for Windows 98se.
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Go here


You can search for updates.. Put it in your hard disk all the updates if you have not done

BigDaddy, you will be lucky to get them ALL from Microsoft, because they have officially stopped supporting Windows 98.  There are still a lot on their site, but you are wise to grab them now before they disappear.

The problem with "Windows Update" is that it will make suggestions based on what your computer CURRENTLY has installed, whereas I assume you need a full set for a reinstallation at a later time perhaps because you previously allowed the updates to be installed over the internet and don't have a copy of the installer files.

My advice is to go to the page provided by sunray, and there clcik on the link "Search for updates".  You will probably have to click the "Stop" button, or it will keep checking your system.

This will then show you a box where you can select Windows 98 from a list, and then select "Advanced Options".  Go for the "Critical Updates" first.

This gave me a list of 58.  My advice is to scroll through them, but instead of clicking "Add", just hold your shift key and click the "Read More" link of the ones which apply to your configuration. The problem is that they have cunningly disabled the right-click menu, so you can't make a list of url's.

Using the "Shift" key opens the linked page in a new window, so you don't have to keep going back and reloading the page with the list.  The problem is that each link uses JavaScript and you will get a blank page with an error icon at the bottom left.  The url will show as eg:


Just cut out the junk to get http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=14198 in your address bar, and click GO.  It will open the appropriate Tecknet page, eg:


Copy that url.  What you are interested in is the MS03-008 part, because this will give you the best idea of when it was issued, and also stops you from downloading older updates that have since been superseded.

On each of these TechNet pages, you can use the right-click option to either copy the shortcut, or "Save Target As" (which will start the download if it is the link to the actual file).

In this case, the url is shown as another web page, but the "q814078" number in the url is what identifies this update file, so create a folder of that name for it right now so you can keep them all separate, and copy that url.


Make some brief notes in NotePad and save to this folder.  Look particularly at "Additional Details" and see whether this update can be uninstalled and whether it really does apply to how you use your computer.  No sense in getting updates for "network vulnerabilities" whn your PC has never been connected to one.

On the linked page you will find the actual download link http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/c/f/5cfd55d8-74b2-4338-868b-129ec01b5bd4/js56men.exe  which allows you to "Right-Click > Save Target As" to start the download.  Copy the details shown in the "Quick Info" as a reference:

Quick Info
File Name: js56men.exe
Download Size: 361 KB
Date Published: 3/19/2003
Version: 5.6

Now just close that page and you are ready for the next.  The update will have downloaded by the time you are ready to get the next.

The alternative is to copy all these details to a text file in one session, and then prepare all your folders offline.  When ready, paste into a NEW email in Outlook Express, click on the "Source View" tab, and then use the right-click > save as option from there.  It's a lot less laborious.

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>" you will be lucky to get them ALL from Microsoft, because they have officially stopped >supporting Windows 98."

Stopped supporting does not mean that all patches, updates, KB articles are going to disappear from the MS web site. If you look you will still find plenty of stuff for Windows 3.1.

No longer supported means that no more effort (money) will be put into fixing any reported problems. No new updates. No new KB articles.
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You can go here and download them all to your HD and copy them to a CD to install at a later time.
Yes, lidsky, I realise that.  I should have placed the emphasis on "FIND" rather than ALL.

Do me a favour and go to the page link supplied by sunray:

Do as I was suggesting and click the link in the left frame "Find Microsoft Windows Update".  Do you see Windows 95 in the list?  No.  There are probably hundreds of updates and patches all over their servers for Windows 95, but finding the link to them is time consuming.  In due course of time, the "Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition" entry in that list will disappear leaving Windows ME.  Lucky to "FIND", is what I meant.  Come back in 9 months and see if that entry in the list is still there.  When it isn't, try and search for updates then.  It will take 6 times longer, after you eliminate all the non-applicable results.

This was the primary reason that I specifically suggested taking a note of the MS03-008, etc. references.  If Mike_Bigdaddy were to allow Windows Update to interrogate his system and provide a list of suggested updates, he will get page after page of references to patches and updates that have been superseded and rolled into a cumulative patch somewhere on another page like MS03-014 or something.

I agree with rayt333 in using the "corporate.asp" site.  I couldn't find that url amongst my favorites when I hunted for it, and my various permutations didn't work.  Thanks, ray.
Hi, my friends:

I had thought that Microsoft discontinued to support win 98se. Thus I guess that I shall have to install another master HD and purchase XP home edition unless someone has a proference for a corporate edition.  Next I guess I will have to purchase another printer and possibly a scanner. Boy what a mess. It just gives me headaches. With the third drive, I will instal the programs and see which ones will work.

The only good side is that on this day when I went to this question, I accidently found 200 shares of Rolls Royce stock from 1971 and about to go to the broker. He said they are worth now 15 dollars each, but this does not take into consideration the splits etc .


"I had thought that Microsoft discontinued to support win 98se"
They discontinued "free" support, but they will continue fee based support as I understand it.

In accordance with the Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle, no-charge support for Windows 98 ended on July 1, 2003. Paid-only support will continue to be available from Microsoft at $35 per incident. Support will also be available from some third party providers.

Microsoft will also continue to offer a variety of self-help resources on the Product Support Services Web site until at least January 16, 2006, two years after phone support for Windows 98 ends on January 16, 2004. These resources include the Microsoft Knowledge Base and Newsgroups.
Thank you, eecomputings.

I had used, that I think is wonderful service for 35 dollars when I had a winsock problem on my main HD. It took 1-1/2 hours to resolve it while talking to a person in India. The next day my son's HD had the same problem but it could not be cured. We worked 6 hours on the problem and the theh was greatful that I had some computer knowledge. Finally we agreed a format was needed. I saved the files by going to my HD which allows me to see my sons HD. Thus I transfered the files. Next with the tech insisting to be on line on line I reformatted the disk. At this point I told the Tech that the rest I could do and he need not wait. He insisted, but I convinced him I was ok.

Well, knowing my son who does not use the fire wall, I made a tape when I gave him his HD for such emergencies. I just installed windows, the HP tape manager and reinstalled the HD using a back up tape.

During this time I asked about the continued support of Windows 98 and he stated as of Jan 1st, Microsoft would not support the program under the 35 dollar help site. Maybe, he was wrong, but I doubt it. He was very knowledgeable. Even gave me a sight on ghosts, since Indians believe in ghosts.

It's not only Indians who believe in ghosts, gonzal, so do I.  At the moment I have several of them residing in a computer I am working on, and I believe I may need an exorcist or holy man instead of a format to get rid of them  :-)

I just cannot resist this story. Hopefully the moderator will allow for some political license. I unfortunately got involved with this when I was an expatriate in Mexico City. Ther an Indian had an arranged marriage with a girl he never met from India. When she arrived, her sect believed in ghosts. and her stories were wonderful and somwhat almost real, at least to her. Anyway she had encounters with ghosts to the point that they would call other Americans that worked for the company in the middle of the night saying they were being chased by ghosts and could stay for the night.

They even exorsized the house!

I had the dubios honor of having to go to their houst at 2 am when they said the ghosts had pushed her down the stairs, things moved across the bed and doors slammed seut. The house was without lights and it was my job to LOOK for the ghost and the fuse box. It was a weird feeling going into the house with a flashlight. One that I remember to this day. Well I did not find the ghosts, but one room was very cold.. Finally I found the fuse box on the outside wall and replaced the fuses.
You have sent a chill right up my spine with that story, gonzal.  I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck rising.  bbbbrrrr!  Rather you than me in that house.  I would have got out of it like a rat out of an aquaduct and not looked back :-)
Yes it was an experience that I would not like to go through again.

Now I promise I will not tell you one more story except the following  one because it is out of the scope of the forum. Hopefully the moderator will overlook my political license.

I had a girlfriend when I was 21 that was a gypsie. When I told her I was moving she put a curse on me. Recently I found her picture (I am 58). A friend of mine said to cut it into 4 pieces say a few words and the curse will go away. Now across the street lives a Warlock, he offered to remove the curse also.!!!!

No more stories.

Not sure whether I'm a believer, Joe, but I once told this gypsy guy not to come knocking on my door trying to offer hedge-cutting services.  He was annoying, had just woken me up, and I was quite blunt.  He passed some curse on me, which I dismissed at the time.

Next day, in a high wind, a scaffolding plank blew off the scaffolding rig where they were doing some building work, and nearly killed me.

I now tell gypsy guys to go away....nicely!!

I had better not tell any more stories either, or we will both be banned from EE  :-)

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