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question about '\0'

When I enter a char array of numbers will I need to add the \0 char as you do with words?
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The \0 character only specifies the logical end of a, let's use your term, "word." We can have a character array that is 80 characters in length but the "word" would occupy up to just before this \0 character.
So char arr[80] = "Hello"; would make this happen:
arr [0][1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]...
      'H' 'e' 'l'  'l'  'o''\0' *  *  * ...
(all *'s stand for garbage data).
If using this argument to answer the question above, then, no you don't have to include the '\0' character because it does not necessarily clarify anything.
Well, unless you want to manipulate the entire array as a number itself using some string-related methods. In that case, you should. :)

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buckeyes33Author Commented:
Yes i am using it as a string.  So I will want to use it.  I thought so but I was not completly sure.  Thanks.
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no need of it because string itself means that array of characters with a NULL '\o'  at the end of it .
 thank u very much
>>no need of it because string itself means that array of characters with a NULL '\o'  at the end of it .
that is, IF some other process did it FOR you, i.e. if you use some streams to put data in there then yes, you do not have to manually set the null character. BUT, if I want to use an array of numbers as a whole number itself I DO want to do that. An array of characters which are numbers are not necessarily a string UNTIL you make it so (or have somebody done it for you making you think it's done under every circumstances).

FYI, it's '\0' (zero) not '\o'
>>are not necessarily
should read : is not necessarily
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