iBook and wireless connection problems.

I just purchased an iBook for my wife this past Saturday. When I was going to buy it, I asked the salesman a question. I told him that I have a Linksys access point and a Linksys wireless access card. I used to use both the access point and card for my Sony Vaio laptop which I no longer have. He told me that I couldn't use the card for the iBook. That I had to purchase the Airport card, which I did. He told me that I didn't need to purchase and Airport Station. That the Linksys access point will work fine. He also asked me if it was 802.11b and I told him "yes". He said it's OK, the Airport card (802.11g) is backward compatible with 802.11b access point. But now I get the iBook, install the card, and the software and it doesn't see my PowerMAC which is the other computer it needs to connect to. I then asked they guy whom I sold the Sony laptop too to please bring the computer back to see if it would connect to my powermac and it did! Tried it agin with the iBook and it doesn't see the other computer which is the PowerMAC. Why is this not working? I'm I doing something wrong? Do I need to purchase an Airport Station????  Please! Someone help me in fixing this problem WITHOUT having to purchase and Airport Station.
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You probably havent set up the iBook to actually BE on the wireless network. Are you using WEP? Have you told it WHICH wireless network to connect to? Is the iBook set to use DHCP? Is the linksys WAP using DHCP? Does your iBook have an IP address that is ON the network?
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
I'm not using WEP. Never have, not even when I had the Sony Vaio laptop. Have I told it which wireless network to connect to??? It doesn't show me anything TO connect to. Yes! The iBook is set to use DHCP. The Sony laptop was set up the same way too. It got it's IP addy from the router I have that it has DHCP server in it. Yes! The linksys access point is WAP and it uses DHCP. No! The iBook doesn't get an IP address at all. Unless I put one in manually. There must be something that I'm not doing right. To think about this...I never done this before using an Apple laptop. Only on a Sony laptop.  Maybe the Airport card is not compatible with the Linksys access point because of the brand or because the access point is 802.11b and the Airport is 802.11g????  I just sure as hell don't want to cough up $200 on an Airport station. The salesman at the Apple store told me it would work but it's not. I must be doing something wrong. BTW...it's good to hear from you weed, long time it's been. :-)
If the iBook was set up the same as the sony it would work..;)

If the iBook is set to use DHCP you dont even have the option of manually entering an IP. One or the other.

If the linksys is a "closed" network you wont be able to "pick" a network. You have to manually enter the name of the network you want to join the first time. You do that through the airport icon in your menubar, "other". If you havent connected to the network, youll see nothing.

The Linksys access point isnt WAP. It IS a WAP. Wireless Access Point.
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Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
Ok weed, bottom line...what do I do? Remember...I'm NOT a MAC expert here. I'm learning everyday as I go on and I really don't know what the hell I'm doing. It is easier said then done. Please help me in detail. Join Network? What do you mean? All I have connected to my router at the moment is a PowerMAC, that's all! When I had the PowerMAC along with the iMAC and the Sony laptop, all I did was click on "connect to server" (on MAC of course) and then a list of the computers connected to router would show up. I would then select the computer I wanted to connect to and VOILA! Same on the Sony laptop. I would go to "network neighborhood" and the computers would show up there.
Go to the Airport menu in your menubar. Pull down on "Other". Enter the name of the wireless network you want to join. Hit enter. In the Airport section of the Network Control Panel make sure you have DHCP on. That's it.
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
Like I said, I no longer am having any problems because my wife had purchased the Airport Station which resolved the problem. So none of the suggestions that were given to me applied. Sorry about this weed. I apologize.
Gotta be kinda careful about deleting so many questions. Experts may stop helping if they think the question will just be deleted.
Sith_LordAuthor Commented:
I know, I know. Your absoutely right Weed. I truly apologize about this. Please! To you and all...forgive me. I'll make sure that next time I'll TRY to resolve things myself. That way I don't have to ask a question and then later have it deleted. But if I can't resolve it...then I'll ask. Once again I'm very sorry to you and to all. Please forgive me.
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