using a funtion to find the average of test scores

i need help to find the averge of the 4 highest test scores
out of the 5 that were entered i think i need a func but i'm having trouble setting it  up..

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

void EvalGrade ( int Grade);
void FindAve (float Ave);
void Minimum(float,float,float,float,float);
  char letterGrade;
please email me with answ

   switch ( Grade/10)
      case 10:
        case 9:
              letterGrade = 'A';

        case 8:
                 letterGrade = 'B';

        case 7:
                letterGrade = 'C';

        case 6:
                letterGrade = 'D';

        case 5:
        case 4:
        case 3:
        case 2:
        case 1:
        case 0:
                letterGrade = 'F';


   cout << "The letter grade is: " << letterGrade << endl;
   cout << "The Average is :" << ave << endl;

void main()


      float Minimum(float test1,float test2, float test3, float test4, float test5)

          if (test1 < test2 && test1 < test5)
                   return test1;
            if (test2 < test1 && test2 < test5)
                  return test2;
            if (test3 < test1 && test3 < test5)
                  return test3;
            if (test4 < test1 && test4 < test5)
                  return test4;
            if (test5 < test1 && test5 <test4)
                  return test5;


         Ave = test1 + test2+ test3 +test4 + test5 - Minimum / 4;
      return Ave

  int Grade;

   cout <<"Please enter Test 1\n ";
   cin >> Grade;

   EvalGrade ( Grade);

   cout << "Please enter Test 2\n";
   cin >> Grade;

   EvalGrade ( Grade);

   cout << "Please enter Test 3\n";
   cin >> Grade;

   EvalGrade ( Grade);

   cout << "Please enter Test 4\n";
   cin >> Grade;

   EvalGrade ( Grade);

   cout << "Please enter Test 5\n";
   cin >> Grade;

    EvalGrade ( Grade);

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tbell000, you're posting the same question twice. You can post a message to Community Support and ask them to close this one question and refund the points.
Sounds like you need a bubble sort to order the grades highest to lowest and then use the first 5 grades.

That way you can enter as many as you like and only then average the best 4 or however many you wish to see.

This is an old routine for sorting most occuring lotto numbers.
MOSTLOTTO is a structure that holds the numbers 1 to 53 and
the amount of times shown for each of the numbers.

struct LOTTO
char NumberString[10]; // 1 to 53 for displaying
int   Num; // amount of times shown.


//some other function to read values into MOSTLOTTO

//bubble sort
void SortMOST(int end)
int top, search, temp;
for(top=0;top < end-1;top++)  
for(search=top+1;search < end;search++)  
if(MOSTLOTTO[search].Num > MOSTLOTTO[top].Num)
 temp = MOSTLOTTO[search].Num;
 MOSTLOTTO[search].Num = MOSTLOTTO[top].Num;
  MOSTLOTTO[top].Num = temp;
}// end if
}// end for
}// end func

So now if I wanted to I could use only the first 4 elements of MOSTLOTTO to do an average on.

int LottoAverage = (
MOSTLOTTO[0].Num) / 4;

So now your logic would go

(semi pseudo code)



begin func
begin outer loop
clear screen;
Prompt menu "(L)oad, (A)verage, e(X)it"

prompt (exit) break;

prompt how many >> in
int val=0;
int x=0;
adding loop
add from YOU[x].yyy or xx to val ,then x++ untill x== in
}//end adding loop
answer = val / in;
}//endif A


}//end outer loop



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