Overclock Celeron 333Mhz

Hi. I have a celeron 333/66 Mhz processor, on a M729 PcChips motherboard. I want to overclock this processor but I don't know how... When I install this processor with a 66Mhz bus frequency my system recognize it as a celeron 333. But when i set the bus speed to 100 mhz my system won't work, the screen don't power on etc... What can I do? Its multiplier is set to 5 then I should see a 500 mhz system but It won't work... Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks in advance.
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1) The multiplier is fixed so you cannot overclock this chip by changing the multipler.
2) It's clear that overclocking to 100MHz FSB is TOO FAST.
3) Unless your MB has FSB speeds in between 66 and 100 MHz, you're out of luck here!  The Celeron 333 is NOT all that overclockable anyway so it's probably not worth buying a new motherboard just to do this.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
FYI, the most common success I had with overclocking Celeron 333's is to get 375MHz out of them (75MHz bus speed) but be warned this also overclocks your PCI bus to 37.5MHz instead of the default 33.3MHz.

Ocassionally under the right circumstances I could get some Celeron 333's to run at 416MHz (83MHz bus speed) but those were rare chips and rare machines.

FYI your PC chips board is also not a good overclocker.  

Another factor is your RAM:  Can it do more than 66MHz?  If you're not using PC100 RAM you won't be able to overclock it that much.

The CeleronA (300MHz) was the best overclocker and regularly ran 100MHz.

So as stated, you obviously don't get 500MHz, you might be able to get 416MHz, have a better chance of reaching 375MHz and might be stuck with 333MHz.

kimbazAuthor Commented:
Yes I know. My motherboard support only 66 MHz or 100 Mhz bus speed. I have a PC 133 ram. Now I'm using a Pentium II at 350 MHz (bus 100 MHz). I know that celeronA (300/66 MHz) could run at 450/100Mhz and then I think that my celeron 333MHz could run at 500Mhz... but now I think that it is impossible. However many thanks...
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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
>>I know that celeronA (300/66 MHz) could run at 450/100Mhz and then I think that my celeron 333MHz could run at 500Mhz... but now I think that it is impossible.

You're right, it was extremely rare to be successful overclocking a celeron333.  Does your board not support 75 or 83 MHz?  It's worth a try if it does.

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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
point split:  jhance / AlbertaBeef
kimbazAuthor Commented:
Hi. I have a new pc. However I agree with AlbertaBeef. I don't know how split points... If moderator can do it for me...
Thanks to all in advance.
kimbazAuthor Commented:
Ok! I've found how split points. Many thanks to AlbertaBeef and jhance...
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