char convert

i  wanna convert  char,which is read from a  data, convert  into the type  int.
i have tried  
int tmp; tmp = char;
but  it returns the ASCII number,
emaple: char  ch = '6';
(int)ch = 54

how can i do it?
and which head date should i add?
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Try using

#include <stdlib.h>

char number = '6';
int temp = atoi( number );

and in temp will be equal to 6

Hope this helps

iuxAuthor Commented:
it  says
invalid conversion from `char' to `const char*'
No, atoi wants a char* - char pointer - and not a single char.

if you have a single digit in a char you may do this:

  char c = '9';

  int    i  = c - '0';

maybe you should check before:

   if (c >= '0' && c <= '9')
        int i = c - '0';

if you have a number and not a digit, you may use atoi

   char cn[] = "123";   // that i a zero-terminated string
   int    i      = atoi(cn);

Regards, Alex

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char number = '6';
int temp =  number-'0';
#define MAX ??
char arr[MAX];
char number='6';

int val = atoi(arr);

rstaveley's solution is simple and clean. Why go through all these complexity? :D
iuxAuthor Commented:
i try it
thanks a lot
... and what will you do if the number is something like this: 12345 ???

this will not work 'cause "12345" is not a single char!

therefore this will do it, and even with one char!


char *number = "12345";
int realNumber = atoi(number);

but don't do this:
char *number = '12089';
char *number = '2';

best regards
iuxAuthor Commented:
thx :-)
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