Lower 8-bits of integer

Given an integer of max length 16-bits how does one read the lower 8-bits, or is this not really a question.

I read that a java method converts the lower 8-bits of its integer param and converts it to the ASCII equiv.

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int lower = full & 0xFF ;
char ch = (char)( theInt & 0xFF ) ;
To get the 8 bits above that, you'd do:

char ch = (char)( ( theInt >> 8 ) & 0xFF ) ;
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these examples assume that "full" or "theInt" is you int variable :-)
robert_83Author Commented:
Could you briefly explain the theory of suppose i supply 8000, how to get the lower 8-bits.

This question originated from using DataInputStream readChar, then output the char. No matter what character it read from the text file it always outputted '?'

"&" does a bitwise AND on the integer value...

0xFF is 11111111 in binary, so say you have the number 345, in binary, that is:


so, if we AND it wil 0xFF:

101011001 (345) AND
011111111 (255 -- padded on the left with a zero)
001011001 (89)

Hope this explains it?

Let me know if you need more of an explanation...

Ahhh...using your example:

1111101000000 (8000) AND
0000011111111 (255 -- 0xFF)
0000001000000 (64)
robert_83Author Commented:
thanks for the reply, clear and concise.

I have a text file containing "r".

dis = DataInputStream(new FileInputStream(file));
char c = dis.readChar()
output = ?

Why does it output ?.

If it's a text file, use a Reader:

BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader( new FileReader( file ) ) ;
char c = (char)br.read() ;
System.out.println( c ) ;

should work...

if not, it is probably an encoding problem...

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