FTP folder file backukp

I have a ftp server.
I update the data there from different locations.
Each user has their directory.

I want to write a script which I can schedule to backup my data.

I am on a windows XP box.
My Server is 2003.

The answer that can provide me with the scirpt will get the points.

Hyperlinks do not count as answers.
It is not possible does not count as an answer.

Thanking You
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i would try doing it this way.

have a text file say as copy.txt. type these lines pertaining to your ftp server. "lcd" is the local location on your computer where you want to backup the data.

open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
cd /
lcd c:\
mget *.*

and then have a file backup.bat

type the following line in it

ftp -i -s:copy.txt

schedule the batch file at a particular by using your windows scheduler. You can find this in your control panel of windows XP.
 Let me know if that helps
btw, xxx.xx.xx.xx stands for the IP address of the remote server
Alternatively, get a better FTP client here : http://www.ncftpd.com/download/
(direct link to the Win32 binaries ftp://ftp.ncftp.com/ncftp/binaries/ncftp-3.1.6-win32.exe)

Then, your script will be a simple one-liner, see http://www.ncftpd.com/ncftp/doc/ncftpget.html (specifically, the -R command-line option)

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ECIQueAuthor Commented:
  Your script gets files only from that folder
  It does not do a recursive ftp.

  Your program works.
  I like it,
  but then, I try avoiding third party softares.
  So, if adonis cant come up with a script by tommorrow,
  You will have the points.
ok.. try this..

replace the line

mget *.*


get -r *.*
that is get space -r *.*
ECIQueAuthor Commented:
ftp> get -r *.*
Error opening local file *.*.
> *.*:Invalid argument
ftp> bye

ECIQueAuthor Commented:
i did type in
ftp> get [space] -r *.*

i just looked at the MAN pages for ftp and it is not possible since the subdirectories are dependent on the file structure of the OS. So cany copy sub directories using ftp. so you can award -nn- if you wish.
ECIQueAuthor Commented:
You get Partial credits atleast for an honest answer.

Thank you experts

spend some money on software. (if its worth doing right)
I recommend handy-backup.
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