Need to finalize CD in Nero 5.0

A client handed me a CD from a Sony Mavica CDR-400.  I could view it in the laptop he had but not in my desktop or any other machine since.  I think it's not finalized.  

I use Nero 5.0.  How can I finalize this CD?
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You can try the steps below:

Continuing/finalize a Multisession CD
Leave all the options with their default settings.

1. Insert the Multisession CD, you want to continue to record, in your CD writer.

2. Click on the CD-ROM icon in the New Compilation dialog window which opens after you
start Nero. If you have already opened Nero, you can reach this dialog window through the icon
for "New Compilation".
On the property sheets, the Multisession card is on the top. Make only sure that the No
Multisession box is not activated, otherwise you are not going to write a multisession CD, but
an ISO CD!

3. Select the Continue Multisession disc option.

4. By opening the property page File Options you can switch between Mode 1 and
Mode2/XA. The mode settings can be found in the upper right corner of this page. If these
settings appear dimmed/disabled, then these settings can't be modified right now. This might
for example be the case if you created the ISO compilation using the option continue
multisession. If you would continue a multisession CD using a different ISO- or sector format,
then you would be in danger of creating an unreadable CD.

5. Now click on the New button at the right. The Select track dialog box opens.

6. Select the track that should be backed up. It will be generally the last ISO track. For
this reason, Nero selects it by default.

7. Click on the OK button. The corresponding compilation window for Multissession CD
This window displays all information concerning the track you have selected. Depending on the
refresh options selected in the multisession property sheet, you will see some folders and files
shown in black or in grey.
Folders and files shown in black designate that they have been changed or recorded on your
hard disk since your last session. They will be recorded on your CD now.
Folders and files shown in grey designate that they are already on your CD. They have been
recorded during your last session and have not been changed. They are not going to be
physically rewritten.

8. Now open the Write CD dialog. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Write CD
icon in the toolbar. You will then go to the Write CD dialog box, which will undoubtedly look
familiar to you: It is the same box which you saw for the creation of a new compilation, only
now the Burn property sheet is shown on the top.
Make sure that the Finalize CD box is checked if you want to finalize it.

9. Now you may confirm by clicking on the Write button. All of the selected steps will now
be carried out in sequence including the burn process. So that you can follow exactly what is
happening, a status window is displayed in which the individual steps are listed.

10. As a last step, you will see a message like "burn process was successful with 12x(1800

11. Finally, the CD will be ejected.

12. You may now check to see for yourself what was written onto your new CD by re-inserting the CD and clicking on the CD info icon.


Good Luck AWP

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AWPAuthor Commented:
I get to the part where I select the track, but it won't let me select the track.  I've done this before and didn't have to go through all these steps, I just can't remember the processes.

Any thoughts?

before starting the actual burn there is a menu

-finalize disk

there click on finalize disk

That's all !

If you can't see such a radio button then try finding a newer version of nero
hoppe I help
Regards !
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AWPAuthor Commented:

I can see all three of these but I can only select burn and finalize.  It will not allow me to select simulation.

If I select "burn" will it not try to add something new to the CD?  I don't want to erase what I currently have on there.



CD Burners usaly make on the CD R/RW some kind of pratitions . So called sessions. These sessions can be started or finnished . Or in other words closed or finalized .

If NERO for example starts it ask usualy for :

"Start a new session"
"Continue existing session"

So you have these choices !

I recomend you back up the data if you don't have the simulation choice.

But after putting the CD in yur CD ROM then nero starts you give the choice continue current session then in the options before the burning process you will see that there are filles on the CD   :-)
These are the files you previsiously write .
But don't be afraid they want be rebuned ! They remain untouchable !
So you simply select Finalize and burn    ... That's all !

I recomend you chack simulation too ... because there are some errors which aren't every day but who knows .


Should help !
Regards !
AWPAuthor Commented:
yea, I want to back it up but my pc won't even see there's data on there until it's finalized.  that's why i'm worried.  I looked at it in another unit which saw the data w/out needing finalization.  i don't have access to that unit now and I can't use the data until it's finalized.

I'll try it and let you know.


Could it be that it's a CD/RW ?
AWP ok !
But could it be that this is a Multisession CD ?

If so there might be a problem with seing all sessions .

example :
I was having a CD to write .
I started burning Slackware Live Linux .
Then I considered that there is enought space to burn OpenBSD on the same CD .
I started burning an by the way I forgot to look up that I press 'start a new session' .
Then I eject the disk a put it back to make sure it is all done write .
Then I noticed that there was only OpenBSD !
I started looking up what was wrong and see that there were two sessions :-( .
1 session - swl
2 session - oBSD

Then I just burn the 1 session as a continue of the second.
So I have one session with SWL and a second session with OBSD & SWL .

Never mind !

But could it be that you've done the same ?

What is the status of this Question?

AWPAuthor Commented:
I've solved this one on my own.

Could you close the question :-)?

If you want to delete this question, post a zero-point question in

Subject: Moderator Please Delete
Body: Please delete this question:

Also, can you post your solution AWP, for reference.
AWPAuthor Commented:
I mailed the disk to the owner of the camera, they finalized it in the camera and mailed it back.
AWPAuthor Commented:
I tried SNilsson's suggestion and I could not complete it, as I noted.
I didn't see a "finalize disk" where Yavor said it would be.  I've seen it before but I cannot find it now.  Although I "could" get a newer version of Nero, I think the better solution would be to solve it with my current version.

Let's not refund me the points, split them between SNilsson and Yavor as they did put time and effort into this question, but neither of the solutions worked so I don't think it would be appropriate to say one of the solutions worked.

will that work with you guys?

Yes, AWP that would work, if not deleted maybe others can have use of it (even if this wont work on a Sony Mavica, it is still good to know).

AWPAuthor Commented:

I'm not sure you've looked at all my history (other than this question).  I've already requested this be canceled (see: I've done so in Community Support just like I'm supposed to.  

I was asked to give an update since others had worked on it.  I've done that.  If I cancel it (as I understand it) these folks won't get any points.  I don't want my points back, I want to split them between SNilsson and Yavor since they did most of the work on it.  If I'm not mistaken I can't give them points and cancel the question, that's something the administrators would have to do.  

I don't see where I've abandoned this, as I last updated what and let everyone know how it had been taken care of and asked SNilsson and Yavor if it was ok with them if we split it like that.  SNilsson responded, but Yavor has not.  

At the bottom of that link above you'll see that Lunchy made this statement:
    "All done then, and thanks for taking the time.  8*)"

Therefore I thought it would be closed as it seemed we were in agreeance and the points would be split between SNilsson and Yavor .  If I have missed something please let me know, but I believe the ball is in the adminstrators' court to cancel the question and split the points.


When you said that the points should be split you pulled the ball back into your court.  I think that everyone was expecting you to split the points on the question by accepting one and giving the other the assist.

I did check your history and really appreciate you closing your question but this one got missed so I pinged it :-).

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