Powerpoint - loop some slides

I have a semi-automatic powerpoint presentation.  

There are about 10 slides out of 20 that need to loop automatically.

1 - Welcome Slide
2 -5 Speaker Slides (manual advance)
6 - 10 Action slides (can jump to using #-enter)
10-20 Ads - these need to loop ... here is my problem:

either I set up a slide show and they loop but I can't access anything else, OR
I use slide transitions (this seems to be the way to go...) BUT slide 20 won't loop back to 10

Basically I need to be able to jump around, when I jump to slide 10 run the loop until I jump to another slide
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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Take slides 11 through 20 and move to a 2nd presentation, and make that one loop.

On slide 10, put a box (can have no line/no fill) and Insert a hyperlink on that box to your 2nd presentation.

That's be your easiest, fastest workaround, methinks.

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alikat538Author Commented:
I'll try it....but I have my doubts....I just as easily need to jump out of the loop and back to my first presentation.  I know the keyboard shortcut 's' or '+' will start/stop running transitions.  I was hoping I could use that, then #-enter to go to the slide I want.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
So---in your loopy presentation's MASTER slide, put a box with no line/no fill on it. Hyperlink it to pres 1.

So...anytime you click on the looped presentation, it'll jump back to the first pres.

If you don't want code, your option is hyperlinking.
I don't think you can only loop PART of a presentation (maybe in 2003).
So we're stuck with a hyperlink workaround.
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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
If you have restrictions on how you want it to work, then you should list them all now, so we can offer a workaround that you're not going to shoot down.

Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
PS: I don't mean to sound like you've shot 3 suggestion down, hee hee....anyway, I'm currently editing a book on PowerPoint written by a PPT MVP. While I haven't read about looping SPECIFICALLY, I'm doing the stuff on v. 2000 and below, and she's giving an example that describes this usage....
alikat538Author Commented:
Read my comment again --- I didn't "shoot anything down" -- or maybe that's not what you were saying...I don't know it really doesn't matter though

There are no restrictions as long as your solution meets my requirements.  

If I can hyperlink between presentations with a seamless transition so it looks like I am merely moving to another slide then great....if its going to open/close windows then I need to keep looking.

I was reading about setting up custom shows and possibly using the powerpoint viewer to set up a playlist. Maybe the option lies there.  Or perhaps a macro : goto slide x after 3 seconds.  I'm not familiar with macros and PPT.

I'm not totally against the hyperlink idea, I just want to see if there is a more efficient solution.  Plus I'd rather not have the cursor come across the screen at all --- I'd like to control everything from the keyboard.

I should be able to test this tomorrow....I'll get back to you, thanks :)
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
>>It shouldn't open/close windows.

I did ask our author/MVP about what I suggested, and she said:

Yup – that’s pretty darn close. The same thing can be done with a looping custom show, but I don’t think the poster will want to go to that much trouble. The master slide links are really the part that makes you able to leave the loop, by the way. If you haven’t played around with that yet, check out the Kiosks chapter.

>>Macros, you said you'd rather avoid, so I didn't go there.

>>Control from the keyboard will, I'm fairly certain, require a macro.

Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
PS:  "Read my comment again --- I didn't "shoot anything down" -- or maybe that's not what you were saying...I don't know it really doesn't matter though" I know...that 2nd last comment I made was a bad example of an apology. :)
alikat538Author Commented:
Thanks again for your input!  I'm still waiting on the actual PPT presentation to be sent to me, but if I don't get in by this afternoon I'll just build one and test it!

No need to apologize -- we're cool!  I really appreciate your help -- so far you are the only one who dove in!

Where did I say I'd rather avoid macros?

Also --- looping custom show may be what I need to do.  Don't worry about it putting me through too much trouble.  I have a degree in Information Technology and I deal with marcos all the time (just not in PPT --- mostly excel, word and access) --- unfortunately the help files in PPT weren't too helpful and I am juggling 3 other programing projects aside from my real job and dont have time to tredge through the MS knowledge DB.

I'll try the hyperlink idea this afternoon and get back to you

If you know something about custom loops I'd like to here it

A macro like this would do the trick (psuedo code)
On slide load
wait 3 seconds
go to slide 10

Thanks again!
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
>>Where did I say I'd rather avoid macros?
It probably wasn't you.
It was probably some guy over in the Word topic area.
Heck if I know.
(Now I am seeing things! This happens to people who have no life and hang out at EE too much.)

>>Don't worry about it putting me through too much trouble.
I wasn't.
The PowerPoint MVP was. :)

I'll get back to you with that macro.

alikat538Author Commented:
OK the hyperlink served as an acceptable workaround...I had to run it today.  

Thanks again!
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