Booting from a ghosted partition

Why can't I boot my workstation from my NT partition ?
I have four partitions on my one hard drive. Windows 98 is the first, Nt the second , 2000 the third, Xp the fourth. They are all setup as primary partitions. However, unlike the others, my NT partition is not installed from CD, but from a standard working image ghosted over from the server. Whenever I try to boot to this partition it blue screens with the error "HAl: MPS MP Structure not found. HAl: No MPS Table found. This Hal.DLL requires an MPS version 1.1 system. Replace Hal.Dll with the correct system etc, etc". I'm only running a single processor system and so are all the other workstations we use. The image is SP6 service packed. I've tried re-installing the Hal.dll with copies from a working workstation. If I try installing NT4 from Cd it boots ok but I don't get the corporate build that I need.

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could it be that your processor is not the same as the processor in the ghosted machine ?
e.g. you have a MIPS and the ghosted machine a intel compatible?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
If you shut down a computer running Windows 98, and then restart in Windows NT 4.0, your computer may stop responding (hang) and you may receive such similar messages. This issue can occur if you use an older computer BIOS.

To resolve this issue, contact your hardware manufacturer for the latest BIOS update.
To work around this issue, turn off the power when you restart your computer to a
different operating system.

quoted from MSKB Q213163

hope it helps,
mmi02002Author Commented:
Thanks guys not sure either helps though.  My computer's a Compaq Evo D500 and it's a working build for that specific model that I've ghosted. If I ghost this image and make it the sole partition of the machine it's boot's and works fine. It's just when it comes to ghosting to a second partition. Starting the partition from power up by the way makes no difference.

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
ok, is it SMP server? or did you install additional CPU to it and uninstalled later?
mmi02002Author Commented:
It is an Smp server bbao, and no. No additional CPUs have been added since implementation 3 years ago.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
ok, i think this KB is suitable for your case, but we should find some tips to copy the files if your system is on NTFS.;en-us;202214
mmi02002Author Commented:
No good. Already tried that bbao.
The files are on my first Fat partition, replacing them as directed simply results in the same error on reboot. If they were on my second NTFS partition I wouldn't necesarily have the ERD s  if it's a ghosted image I'm using.  I could probably make them up from a working worksation though I suppose.

I really have been round the houses on this one.

Try moving the partition with partition magic. Put The NT partition first. If ther are not big differences between your pc and the ghost pc you do not have problems. Otherwise you have to use sysprep for doing ghost immage.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
just clarify:

>> my NT partition is not installed from CD, but from a standard working image ghosted over from the server.
>> My computer's a Compaq Evo D500 and it's a working build for that specific model that I've ghosted.

the image is from the SAME server? so, what changed? the partition size?

>> It is an Smp server bbao, and no. No additional CPUs have been added since implementation 3 years ago.

how many CPUs in the server now? single?
It sounds like a bad configuration in the boot order.
The four operating systems should be compatable, what springs to mind is that the image doesn't have sp4 or above installed but I'd be surprised.
Another option is that the files and ntldr are the version installed by NT and haven't been upgraded to the version from XP. You could try copying these files over to the nt partition.
My experience was having windows xp installed first on a partition and then installing Windows 2000, the two files I mentioned needed to be copied over
Hope this helps
ps what does your boot.ini file look like, would you mind posting it
mmi02002Author Commented:
Folks, thankyou for your latest responses.

Just to clarify:

The only thing that's changed is the size of the Nt partition. Usually on our single partion ghosted workstations it would be eight gigabytes. In this case I only chose to use 4.

And yes. It is still only a single server CPU.

Dave: It's been a while but I have a feeling I've probably been round the houses on this one too. I will go back take a look though and I'll copy that ini file for you too.

Guys I must just say though I think I'm faily close to closing this call. My latest thinking is that because the ghosted NT partiton was originally made up to be a primary and only partition for copying over, that this in itself might be a restriction and one that is not possible to overcome. I have a feeling that I may have got as far as I'm going to get on this one. Your thoughts ?

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
>> The only thing that's changed is the size of the Nt partition

what was the original size, what is the current size? do you know there is a size limitation for NT system partition?
Absolutely stupid thought, but have you used fdisk to check which partition is active?
Nt 4.0 can support upto 8GB with the atapi update, 4 gb in general. But good thought when you read the notes on installation it does refer any drive over this size could make files unreadable. This could explain the problem and th syptoms you describe
What size is the physicdal disk?
Okay with that said I doubt it I'm still stuck with my original thought that its the boot.ini thats the problem or patition setup. On the Win2k or XP partition you have the disks seta as NTFS? Primary Partitions? But they are basic disks not Dynamic?
Still going with thoughts here, so excuse the jumble of thoughts coming out.
The Ghost image is setup as the System and boot partition in its configuration, so this drive will have it's own boot.ini with the wrong config for starting NT. It also hasn't been updated to read from the XP partition
Can you also post the drive letters as they appear in the other systems.
You said 1 Win98, 2 Winnt 4, 3 Win2k, 4 Winxp.
I really need to see all teh boot.ini files on the system, if you don't want to post them here do you want to email me offline with them and give me a chance to figure this one out.
PAQed, with points refunded (500)

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