Error in Word Header/Footer autotext - Can you help?

When I enter Page X of Y in my header/footer from the autotext button this is what I get:

Page   PAGE   of   NUMPAGES  

with square either side of the PAGE and NUMPAGES, as if the values for these items has somehow become distorted. Is there a way I can fix this?

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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Hit Alt+F9

You're viewing field codes.
Alt+F9 turns that off/on and it sounds like you have it on.
jl202Author Commented:
Hi, I entered this and it made no difference. Didn't seem to change anything!
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
"entered it"?

Is this exactly what you see?

If not, then what you're describing sounds like what I've seen when I have an odd font chosen.

If it's a bad font it might look something like this:


Where the Ws are little boxes.

If it's a non-TrueType font, it might look something like this:


Where the Bs are very skinny boxes, but they do not show in print preview or when printing.
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jl202Author Commented:
Pressing alt+f9 seemed to make no difference!

If I enter page into the header from autotext I get - W  PAGE W  - where the W are square boxes. Pressing alt+f9 does nothing whether before or after I enter the header. If I press the button for page number it works??
jl202Author Commented:
Its like the autotext drop down box is not loading these standard values, even though the buttons are. It won't do titles or filenames either, for instance.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Why dintcha say so? ;)

Better do Word troubleshooting, beginning with Step 3:

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jl202Author Commented:
Cheers! :-)
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
And thanks for the grade!
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