Why does 2 nics cards lock up in windows 2000?

We currently have a peer to peer network here. And now we are switching our mailserver from a NT4 machine to a dell server with windows 2000 both of which have two network cards.
But for some reason or another when both nic cards are plugged into the network it locks up on the windows 2000 machine when you try to browse the network. It works fine with just one nic cared plugged in but once you plug the other in it locks up.
We are using internal ips which then connect to a hub any suggestions?

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Did you try moving the cards to new PCI slots?

bl4ckholeAuthor Commented:
There is an integrated one onboard 10/100/1000 and there is only one pci slot.
We are running a 10mbps network here. Dont laugh i know its slow but we are upgrading in a few months.
It works fine under windows 2003 but we need this to run on windows 2000 because of the mail software we are using. It is pretty old Gordano NT mail and Interscan Viruswall.

go into the properties of these cards and chek the media type
try changing the parameters: possible windows 2000 flaw

Automatic detect
10 baseT or TX half duplex
10 baseT or TX full duplex
100 baseT or TX half duplex
100 baseT or TX full duplex
1000 baseT or TX half duplex
1000 baseT or TX full duplex

check your wake settings as well and advanced features!


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Hows it going so far!

bl4ckholeAuthor Commented:
Sorry I hadnt posted to show you if it worked my boss has been gone since wednesday and we havent tried it out but when we do will let you know and tell you if it worked.

bl4ckholeAuthor Commented:
Never got to try it on windows 2000 because in 2003 it recognizes both cards but that trick did hep with other pcs that were unable to get on the network i found that manually configuring the nick to 10mbps full duplex did the trick.

Thanks again
Glad it's all fixed!

have a great holiday season
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Windows 2000

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