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I have three drop down boxes that I want to pass information and display on to another form.  Can anyone point me in the direction of an example of this or explain the best way of doing it?

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What web scripting language do you want to use?
Using Perl and CGI it's fairly straightforwards.  Make sure the drop down boxes are within your <form> tags and then submit the form.  Providing each drop down has a different name, you can then access their values in the Perl script by calling something like:


If you want to display these values on the next form, you would typically have the Perl script read in your html file, then perform a RegExp swap on it.  So for example the source html file might contain the string:


at the location you want to replace it.

The Perl is then:

my $text = $q->param('dropdownname');
$html =~ s/DROPDOWNNAME/$text/g;
swilli6926Author Commented:
I would like to have everything done in ASP.
Using ASP, you would add the <select name='FormSelect1'> tag, then use the follwing code to get the parameters:

<% x = Request.Form(FormSelect1) %>

You once you have the value stored in a variable, you can print it to the page using:

<% Response.Write("My Passed Value is: " & x) %>

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