IE error help

Our recently redesigned website gives an error message when viewed with internet explorer. Can anyone tell me why ?

thanks for any help
Nicholas NiggelAsked:
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Which version - seems fine in IE6...
In Mozilla I get the following:

Error: cP[(m - 1)] has no properties
Source File:
Line: 4

Do you know where you got this script from?

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Nicholas NiggelAuthor Commented:
I'm using IE6 as well. In the bottom left corner of the browser(right above the windows start button) you'll see a yellow exclamation point. double click on it to read the error message.

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I don't get one in IE6. What does it say?
Now I do - but it's hardly helpful.

Can you try removing the counter script code at the bottom of the page to see if there's a conflict there?
Nicholas NiggelAuthor Commented:
The sniffer.js is part of the menu navigation system, I think there's 4 .js scripts in all. I really don't like the script, its too complicated and I can't read it the way it is put together. I can read a few languages and like to know what is going on. It needs replaced for sure.

Now I just refreshed my browser and the error is gone...... ??? and then I go to another page on the site and back to the home page and it is back. Here it is.

Line:    5
Char:   5607
Error:   Object expected
Code:   0

In the browser window next to the yellow exclamation point it says:
!  Done, but with errors on page.
Nicholas NiggelAuthor Commented:
I could but it comes up on more than just the home page, and the home page is the only one with the tracking counter script. try this page

or just click around the site and see if you get it else where.
Yes, it appears to go away and come back again upon refresh - I'll keep looking :-(
looks like it is in the sniffer mess

whatever the "cP[(m - 1)]" is, its missing or something,

i cannot read that code as it is a mess
The Mozilla JS Console may prove helpful. Tools -->> Web Development -->> JavaScript Console

Or type "javascript:" into the Location bar. (I keep a bookmark on my Personal Toolbar for this, with just "javascript:" as the URL).

Moz also has an advanced debugger called "Venkman" -- read about it here:

MSIE by itself sucks for tracking down errors. Get the MS Script Debugger, which is a bit more informative than the enigmatic error messages IE usually displays. This is on the Windows NT and 2000 CDs, just drop it in, and follow the prompts to change your installation options (this is one of the optional components). Otherwise, download it from MSDN:

Windows 9X/ME:

Windows NT/2K/XP:

(Sorry for the long URLs, no way to post links here otherwise.)
Nicholas NiggelAuthor Commented:
The problem was in sniffer.js - georgemarian pointed it out first.

thanks to Zontar and jaysolomon for the debugging tool tips
Thanks - to everyone!
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