MS Draw in a stand-alone form?

Long long ago in an OS far far away we could run MS Draw as a stand-alone (not in word or excel).

I am wondering if that is out there any more. I have been doing some structured drawings and it is a real pain to do them in word or excel but I really like the features I get from MS Draw over Visio. Even some simple OLE container app that uses MS Draw and offers open/save/print/new functionality is all I need.

Or if this isn't available, anyone know of a really good structured drawing program that I can use in place of MS Draw?
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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
>>Long long ago in an OS far far away we could run MS Draw as a stand-alone (not in word or excel).

I don't believe that is a true statement. I think you're confusing it with MS Paint.
schworakAuthor Commented:
Nope. I am thinking Windows 3.1 but it may have been something called DRAW and not actually been MS Draw but I am prety sure.

Paint sucks no matter how you slice it.

Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Well...I always suggest people use PowerPoint to draw in anyway.
Just make yourself a template:
New file.
Delete all objects from master.
Close master.
Save as a template.
File-New and choose the template any time you want to draw.
You can even save as different file types.
But you may want to resize your slide to suit the size of the drawing.

That's the best workaround I can give you.

You may be talking about the way, for instance, that OrgChart still works. Once you double-click one to "get inside" of it, there are save options to save the chart as a separate file. You may be right in that pre-97 versions of Office allowed you to do that with drawings, but it has just been too long.
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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
My bad, schworak.

If I cut a drawing object, then Edit-Paste special as a picture, then right click it and hit Edit, it opens IN WORD and has a Save as.

Now, I saved that picture as a separate doc (not a drawing, it wasn't an option), and it saved only the area of the doc in which I was working...maybe THAT's what you're talking about.

Go to Tools-Options, Edit in Word. Make sure Word is the picture editor...
schworakAuthor Commented:
I am looking for something that lets me work on drawings without opening Excel/Word/Etc...

Here are a few I found but I haven't had time to try them yet. But I thought there was a version of MS Draw that was stand-alone.
You say structured drawing, so I guess you want to draw schemes and stuff like that?
I thought you mentioned Visio? Why not use that for this pupose?
Furthermore, Pictures can be made by using the draw functionality in Word, but that's not what you want according to your question.

If it's just drawing schemes and things like that, You might consider smartdraw (though in effect this would just replace Visio?).

If it's drawing in general I'ld consider PaintShopPro from Jasc or The Gimp (freeware).

Just my 2 ct

Kind regards
schworakAuthor Commented:
I just downloaded Zone Draw (see previous comments for a link) and it is FREE if you download version 3.0.

Visio and Smart Draw don't offer the control over the basic shapes that I need. Zone Draw seems to have similar limits but far less than Visio or Smart Draw. I have been using Word but I can't save the pictures as WMF files I have to save the entire DOC and the program is big and bulky when all I want is to draw.

I have just started using the Zone Draw so I will try it for a few days and see if it can do all the things MS Draw can do.

The big thing I need is the ability to create a shape out of a collection of lines. The shape must have an outline and a filled or transparent center. I must be able to set each segment of the shape's outline to straight or curved independantly.

So far, only MS Draw can do that but it only runs in Word or Excel (or other OLE container) and that is too bulky.

Does that help explain the situation? I will let you know how Zone Draw turns out in a few days after I get to play with it for a bit.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Then you need the ability to save as a transparent GIF file.
No graphics program that I know of will let you save a graphic in, for instance, the shape of a circle.
However, you can set the background to be transparent so that only the circle is seen when the GIF is placed on a background.
schworakAuthor Commented:
Not true. WMF files can store all the shape information. If I draw a bicycle for example, Zone Draw and MS Draw both (Visio too actually) will remember all of the component parts such as the individual circles that make up each tire. I can grap just one of the circles and move it thereby taking the tire off of the bike.

I don't want to ever save these images as bit maps such as GIF or BMP. I need to keep them as vecor images.
Appearantly what you are looking for is a Vector drawing program. Since these are usually a bit more complex you wont find many of 'em in the wild as freeware.

AFAIK Paint Shop Pro has the ability to create vector pictures, as well as Coreldraw and of course Photoshop.

But the latter two seem a bit overdone for your purpose.

Maybe you should scan this list:
to see if something here fits your needs.

Kind regards

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And maybe the program "Eve" suits your needs?
It's hardly to be called userfriendly, but its small and requires no installation.

Kind regards

Sometimes you keep digging and suddenly hit gold. I just read that the OpenOffice program "Draw" is capable of drawing vector based images. Free to download. Quite a number of MB's of course, but nobody  forces you to install all applications of it.

Now I'll shut up for a while  ;-)

Kind regards
schworakAuthor Commented:
I downloaded that a while back but haven't played with it yet. I will give it a try. That is a great suggestion!

schworakAuthor Commented:
I ultimatly have settled on Zone Draw because it is easy to use and free if you use version 3 (version 4 is the new one)

I do find it quite odd that Microsoft trys to take over every aspect of the computing world but they don't have a stand alone version of MS Draw any longer (not for may years actually). The amount of effort to let the program run in stand alone mode is so miner it just bends my imagination as to why they don't do it. But oh well. I am happy now.
Well.. eeehhh... Thanx for the points,
What can I say?

Kind regards
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