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could someone tell me how i could hide my progamme from the task list and Alt-Tab! and still have a visible form?maybe register it as a progress?
greetz Carlos Smith
ps: i know how to do this in win9x that's with kernel32.dll!but i whant to make it work on win nt(xp) as well!
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There is a previous question on this subject recently. Basically you can change it to the processes list but not remove it completely.

Geoff M.
krydeaAuthor Commented:
thanx!I see...I skip the hideing from the task list etc because i don't want problems with "virus fobic's"! but what i want to ask is how i can hide my app from alt-tap like when your copying files.
Hello krydea,
  You could make your form's border style as bsToolWindow.
  This will hide your app from the Alt-Tab thnigy.
  For hiding from the task list:


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in the program source
put this line
Application.Title := '';  // no name

hope its helped.
i think everything you need in this link
Shehansu's link (to my question!!) will allow for the application to remain
hidden from the program tab, however in XP or NT it will still show in the processes tab. However still check it out as i used a mixture of Geo's and Shehansu's answer.

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