Toshiba Laptop Tecra 8000

My laptop will not recognize the CD Rom drive.  It starts up a little with the light on then quits.  When I look at my computer then properties, there are two items under the drives with yellow ! .  Is this a driver problem?  

I have Windows 98 on this laptop.  If I upgrade to XP will this fix the problem because XP will recognize it?  

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Delete the yellow icon reboot so windows can reinstall the drivers

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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Also try deleting the IDE controller from device manager if just deleting the drives doesn't work out.

Also, take a look at these: 
Maybe not nessecery, but consider it if you have problems in the future.....

If you're not sure about the drivers, install Aida32:

This program shows you the hardware that is installed and it give an URL to find the drivers.
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Possibly a dumb suggestion, but have you put the CDROM drive into the machine, or the external SelectBay?

For some reason, the 8000s are happy for the FDD to be in either, but the CDROM really doesn't like being put into the external bay. The same thing applies to the Toshiba Satellite Pro 460, 480 and 490s.

One surefire way to test it, is to set the BIOS to boot from CD and put in a bootable CD. If there is a hardware issue, it won't boot.

If it does boot, you're looking at a driver issue.
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