SBS 2000 , Exchange 2000 with Outlook 2002 clients.
The client has rules defined which were working fine.
When you open Outlook you get the following message box

Rules in Error

Server-requested client action - MoveCcopy, unable to create dest msg.

The Microsoft KB acknowledges this as an error and recommends intalling SP3 to fix the problem.
Well, guess what,  SP3 is already installed.

What is the solution to this problem?


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Reaply service pack again.It wont hurt .
If this only happens to one client maybe u should reinstal outlook for him.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
If you want a second opinion, I'm with Vahik.

Please let us know if we can clarify any further for you.
MikeHatfieldAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

I have reapplied sp3 and also applied the latest sp3 update.
The problem still exists.
This client is running office2000 with outlook2002.
I'm going to uninstall office 2000 and outlook completely today and install office xp.
I'll keep you advised on progress.

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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Uh oh!

Office 2000 with Outlook 2002?
Was Outlook 2002 installed in a DIFFERENT directory?
If not, it should be.
Make sure you wipe those registries, Mike.
Let me know if you need assistance with it!

Just a thought... Maybe there is one or more rules that are in error.

Did you look at this answer:

Did you look at all of the search hits?  Try this search:

There are several unanswered questions about this, but there are several with some useful information.
MikeHatfieldAuthor Commented:

First of all Outlook is installed in a separate directory.

Since your last post I have determined the following.

If the user logs in on another computer the same error pops up.
I have uninstalled Office 2000 and Outlook 2002.
I have installed Office XP and Outlook from Office XP.

We still have the error, therefore I am assumed the error to be in the actual rules themselves.
So, I went through every rule and madfe sure they were moving emails from the inbox to a real folder.
We still have the rules error.

As a last resort I will suggest the user deletes the rules one by one until the error goes away.
This would be a real nuisance for the user though.

Finally you have put somes links in your previous post for me to look at.

Did you look at all of the search hits?  Try this search:

When I click on this it displays 13 possible matches.
When you click on one of them you are moved to the page to sign up for premium services.
This is really frustrating since I am already signed up. What a joke.
So how do I get to look at the responses to these matches ??


I have to say I do not find the site easy to navigate.
from your search, I found the following possibility:

At end of you new rule, make sure you add the tag (check the box):
and Stop processing more rules.

This is due to the following for any rule that moves or deletes a message, it is imperative that the 'do not process any more rules on this message' directive follow the move/delete directive, to prevent subsequent rules from trying to move/delete a message that's no longer present

The problem related to your inability to view the search results can probably be fixed by logging out, flushing cache and cookies, then re-log in.
MikeHatfieldAuthor Commented:

Yes logging out and in enabled me to see the reply posts of other questions.

I ended up removing all the rules on both the client and server side.
The user still gets the message box popping up.
Most wierd.

I've exported the exchange mailbox to a pst file and run scanpst and pst19upg.
Both found no errors.

I exported the exchange mailbox to a pst file.
I then created another user and imported the pst file into the new user.
when you start outlook in the new user you DONT get the rule in error message.

Any more ideas ??

Is there a rules file that I can delete ?

Thanks again

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
the corruption is in the mailbox. Most rules live on the mailbox in the server, so the fact that you exported his mail to pst, and imported to a new user, tells me that the mailbox just got corrupted. I would have recommended that export the mailbox, delete it, purge it, and then recreate his mailbox. since you've already done so, you know this works. How the rule became corrupted I cannot say, I've seen it happen many times, most times the databases are clean though, just the rules on the mailbox stop working properly. I've noticed that a combo of rules created in Outlook and thru OWA can cause misery, but I cannot say for sure that's what broke it.

Nonetheless, you've found the solution, but the user will have to create new rules. When possible, it's usually a good step to move the mailbox to another information store or server, the move leaves corruption behind. Most of the time however, rules that are broken move with it, so I fall back to recreating the user's mailbox. Hope this helps for future reference.

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
BTW, did you try to delete the rule in question?? Did you try to create a new rule and see if it worked??

MikeHatfieldAuthor Commented:

I realised that to export the mailbox was a solution after I did it.
I wqs looking for an in place solution.
You know, a recognition from MS that these problems occur and that 'here's how you fix it'

How do you delete, purge and recreate the users mailbox (SBS2000)?

Thanks to all so far for their assistance

Mike Hatfield
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:;en-us;261142

After you delete a mailbox with AD users and computers, allow for replication. then run the mailbox cleanup agent. Once the object show with the red X, you can then purge the mailbox. If you don't, when you recreate the mailbox for that user, it will simply reconnect the old one.

I had a user with this same issue, but before I was able to troubleshoot the issue it resolved itself.

What I was going to try was using an Outlook command line swtich, /cleanrules. This will clean server and client based rules. Pretty easy to do, from the run line just type in outlook.exe /cleanrules. Hope this helps.
MikeHatfieldAuthor Commented:

I tried running outlook.exe /cleanrules.
I got a message telling me this was an invalid argument.
I looked all over MS site and found the command-line switches - /cleanrules was not among them.
Did I miss something here ?

Sorry about that. I should have tested it first. After doing some searching on the web I found that Office 2003 added more swtiches, /cleanrules being one of them.

Switches for Outlook 97 to 2002 can be found here.;en-us;296192
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