HELP!!! PROBLEM after creating user account in Windows 2000 Professional!!

HELP! i have a problem after creating a user account in Windows 2000 Professional.. "Johny"
i log on as the user account "Johny" and then i double click at My Computer but nothing happen...

this problem also in Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
after i click at the control panel.. nothing happen!

but when i log on as administrator account.. all of that work perfectly.. why is this happen ??

plz help... really need to work fast on it..

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Sounds like group policy is applied to these machines?
are they corperate machines?
was it originally your machine or did you aquire it from another source?

sneak_nakataAuthor Commented:
this is invididual machine.. yesterday i just installed windows 2000 pro..
and then i create the user Johny. Then i log on as Johny.
After that i double click at My Computer but nothing happen...
this also a problem on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel when i click there.. nothing happen..

But when i log on as Administrator or i put Johny in administrator group, i can double click at My Computer
also Start -> Settings -> Control Panel work fine...

if it refer to group policy, which one group policy should i look out ?
Sounds like your PC is not on a domain. Most likely, either the local policy is locked down (not too likely) or you have inadvertently applied the securews.inf policy.

Will tell you how to open the MMC required and apply it to your PC. You should select the compatws.inf

Good Luck!
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Your user that you created could have a corrupt profile

Try creating another user and see if it does the same thing,
If not then create the user again to create a new user profile.
You stated that you just installed yesterday...
did you get this from someone who possible could have slipstreamed there own version of windows 2000 pro...many corporations do this to eliminate the setup on each new PC that they have a license for!
did you apply SP4 as well...
did you look at the group policy yet

computer configuration
administrative templates
group policy

and then check
user configurations

sneak_nakataAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, for your help.. but..
it's not worked, lastly, after a spend a hard time trying to solve this problem,
i detected the user account is not compatible with DAP.exe (Downlaod Accelerator Plus program that i installed in administrator account everytime windows start)
this is i think the main reason.
I log on as user Johny
After that i End Task of DAP.exe then i can double click at My Computer.. everything work fine..
Do u know how i can managed to use DAP  without any problem in the User Account?

in the programs folder as administrator
go to download excellerator folder
right click and go to propoerties
goto security tab
include the USERS group
apply changes

everything should work fine now for those USERS

Hows it going so far!

sneak_nakataAuthor Commented:
oh by the way i'm not using NTFS..
do u know what is the course of this?
I would use NTFS it is definately the more secure way to have your system.
then you will be able to utilize features like security tab...and 128bit encryption.

I would assume your system is set up to assign these application values for you since your using FAT32

sneak_nakataAuthor Commented:
u mean?
is it to install the windows 2000 pro again ??
Just to be perfectly clear...
if you make johnny an administrator everything works fine right!!
The application is just associated with the administrator group because thats how you installed it.

You do not need to reinstall.!
Just convert fat32 to NTFS

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sneak_nakataAuthor Commented:
thanks for ur help!! i hope this will do.. :)

I would only assume you read the articles and everything worked out fine for you since you awarded me the points
but the last thing you wrote was: "I hope this will do"

If not I am curious to why you have accepted this answer.

I wan't to make sure your getting the results you want

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