REP-1437 Runtime error in the PL/SQL(Oracle 8i)

Dear All,

I am using the following software and versions.
Report Builder
ORACLE Server Release
Oracle Procedure Builder
Oracle ORACLE PL/SQL V8. - Production.
I created functions in package (in oracle database) and refering in oracle reports. I complied all the report files and tested. It is working fine. I created the database script from the development server and executed it on the production server. Database created successfully with out any compilation errors. But reports are not running. Both the development and production servers versions are same and I configured all according to the development server configuration.

I am getting the following funtime error on my production server.
REP-1437 Runtime error in the PL/SQL development environment(DE).
PDE-PSD001 Could not resolve reference to <Unknown Program Unit> while loading <Unknown> <Unknown>

It is not possible for us to compile manually all the reports again on the production server as it is at the client side.

1. If we created a database with the same name and on same version is it need to compily all the oracle reports 6i files again. There is no problem with the oracle forms 6i.

2. If compilation is required, Is there any workaround to solve the problem other than compilation.

3. Is there any tool to compile all the report files(we have around 100 reports) at once.

Looking for your help/suggestions

Krishna Reddy M
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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
If you use REF cursors then it is bug 1275333 - REF CURSOR BASED REPORT NEEDS TO BE RECOMPILED IF CONNECTING TO OTHER INSTANCE - Database Version 8.0.6 - Fixed in Product Version

Problem description:
Customer built some reports based on ref cursors, compiled them, obtained rep files, but he couldn't use the rep files with other oracle instances, he can connect only to instance which took part in his development (in compilation), so just if he has some other identical to development db instance he cannot connect and execute the report against the instance.

Possible workarounds:
1.  use the rdf file
2.  Put the stored package into the report itself.
3.  Put the package in a library and attach the lib to the report.

You can compile all reports by using RWCON60.exe - see reports on-line help.

I hope this will help you.


mckreddyAuthor Commented:
Hi Henka,

Thanks for your information. Previously we used the stored package and library concept to place in the RDF file. Due to complex calculations present in the stored package we moved them in database for performanance reasons. We downloaded the patch from and installed. After updating the patch, while compling the reports itself the Report builder closed abnormally. We tested on more than one system. Even we are not able to compile the reports with the patch installed. Now we formated the system and installed the previous version.

As the two solutions failed we are planning to ask the clients to compile the reports. As the client is not a technical person and compiling 100 reports is tedios task to him. We tested using rwcon60.exe for compiling. It is not allowing selecting of multiple files at a time. we have to select single file each time. Another option of specifing comma separated list of file names with path, which is taking max of ten reports at a time. and all the remaning options we have to set each time (10  reports at a time X 10 times = 100 Reports)

Is there any other alternate to compile all the reports at command prompt so that we can build a batch file and give to the client, he just gives the folder name and path where the rdf files are placed with all the required options set in the batch file. It will help the client in compiling all reports in single click.

I have tested with different options all these days, to minimize the work for the client and not found the easy way. The client is a non-technical person and we does not have any control on the client location.

Please give me suggestion or any other possible ways to minimize the compilation at a time.
Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
I think that Note:191529.1 from Metalink can help you:

This script code compiles all the Forms and Reports modules residing in a directory.

Execution Environment:
     Windows command prompt, UNIX shell

Access Privileges:
     Requires write privileges in the destination directory and read privileges in the source directory.

     When copying the script be aware to remove line feeds in the list of parameters for the executables.
     Please note that if you are FTPing this script from a Windows machine please do it in ASCII mode.

PROOFREAD THIS SCRIPT BEFORE USING IT! Due to differences in the way text editors, e-mail packages, and operatingsystems handle text formatting (spaces, tabs, and carriage returns), this script may not be in an executable state when you first receive it. Check over the script to ensure that errors of this type are corrected.

For Windows

Forms/Reports 6i

Echo compiling Forms....
for %%f IN (*.fmb) do ifcmp60 userid=scott/tiger@v817  module=%%f batch=yes
    module_type=form compile_all=yes window_state=minimize

Echo compiling Report .....
for %%f IN (*.rdf) do RWCON60 userid=scott/tiger@v817 batch=yes source=%%f
    stype=rdffile DTYPE=REPFILE  OVERWRITE=yes  logfile=log.txt


Forms/Reports 6i

#UNIX Forms Compile
for i in `ls *.fmb`
echo Compiling Form $i ....
f60genm userid=scott/tiger@bs817 batch=yes module=$i module_type=form
    compile_all=yes window_state=minimize
for i  in `ls  *.rdf`
echo Compiling Report $i  ...
rwcon60 userid=scott/tiger@bs817 batch=yes source=$i  stype=rdffile
    dtype=repfile overwrite=yes

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mckreddyAuthor Commented:
Dear Henka,

Thanks for your help. It took me 2 hours for compiling all the files using Report Builder and 5 minutes using the script. Project is going live tomorrow. I am working from last 6 months on this and not found the ways. For testing from last 10 days we spent most of the time on compiling the reports.

Once again thanks for your quick and timely help. I doubled the points for you.

Krishna Reddy
Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
Thank you.
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