I have installed RedHat 8 (I believe kernel version: 2.4.18-14) onto my laptop. For this laptop I bought a pcmcia network pc card (LinkSys WPC11 v3) and have a LinkSys Wireless router.  I am having trouble getting this network to work

The router works correctly for all my normal ethernet connections. Wireless is enabled with a specific SSID, channel 6 and WEP 128 bits enabled.

I read several articles on the internet on how to set the network and got it to work partly (at least that is what I seem to think). I did not use the linux-wlan-ng since RedHat 8 should be able to do it with minimum efforts (thatr's what I read, but I am new to Linux).  

The steps I took:
- crerated a hermes.conf file including the manfid
- service pcmcia restart (I hear one beep when shutting down and two high beeps when starting)
- created a wireless network connection using the Network tool. In this configuration I saw the eth1 controller which I just added. I configured the wireless connection to Ad-Hoc mode, channel 6, the WEP key written out (please note that I did not use any seperators but copied the exact key from my router). I configured the connection to a static IP.

The results:
I restarted my machine and it gave me a message that Channel is out of range (0). Also the TX could not be bound to the BAP or something (don't have the exact error message here). Anyway, these errors could be due to the startup sequence (pcmcia is S24pcmcia), but that is what I read on the net so I cannot be totally sure.

After the machine has been started and I have logged in as 'root' I tried activating the new network connection. I activated like it should without problems.
Inside the terminal I then tried to ping my router, which could not be found.
When issueing cardctl ident I see that my network card has been identified as the one it should be.
After issueing /sbin/ifconfig I see that the eth1 network is running as well as eth0. The eth1 sends data, but never receives any.
After issueing /sbin/iwconfig I see that the connection with all settings I entered above were correctly initialized. The link quality is 0 however.

When looking into the modules currently loaded I do see the orinoco_cs and hermes running.

I also never see any lights flashing on my router.

I'm out of options, except for a possible linux-wlan install. But that install requires me to rebuilt Linux from source. I already gave it a small try, but I'm stuck after running make menuconfig and make dep.

Can anybody help me? If there is insufficient points for the help I am requesting I am wiling to put up more points.

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Possibly the problem is not on Linux , but on the router .
There are at least 3 fast things I've been do in your place :
1. I see your NIC is version3 , check the firmware version of LinkSys router and discover the Net for some information about non-abilitty .
2. Try connectin without encription ( I don't know if router will allow it .
3. Check all firewalls on router , MAC control , etc.

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CJ_SAuthor Commented:
1) I will check the firmware later. But this will probably not make a difference (I think) since these products should work together and did work when I had Windows on my laptop.
2) Already checked without encryption. No difference :-(
3) No firewall installed on the router. What do I need to do when checking the MAC address?
easy way of trouble shooting

let the Linux run in DHCP mode and hand out addresses out for fast finding.

there are several sittings of the Router modes u just have to try them out one by one. I have installed Mandrake 9.2 myself
and it instant install the correct driver for me. Or you could try to download the newest version of Redhat 9. There are all newer drivers in that one.

Router modes = channeling
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CJ_SAuthor Commented:
I will check this out tonight. I have been very busy the past few days without time to get to this problem again. Thanks so far!
If you want to create the kernel modules for wlan-ng you do not need to
create your own kernel. You will need the include/header files that define
your running kernel. Usually you can find something like kernel-source,
kernel-image and kernel-devel packages. Here you need the kernel devel
packages to create wlan-ng modules. If you unpack the source you need
to run the 3 step configure, make, install steps in order to get these on your

If you dont find the rpm's for the install try also rpmfind.net, but use the rpm
that belong to your distribution (redhat v8.0)

Also I would recommend you to try the simplest configuration first, without
encryption. I found in several cases that WEP does not allways work,
including on PocketPC plattform.

Gook luck!
CJ_SAuthor Commented:
Dont' care anymore, but thanks for the provided help!
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