How to prevent deletion of files from shared folders

I want to be able to have users on my W2K network to be able to read, write and modify files in a shared folder.  They primarilty use Word and Excel to work with these files.  The problem I have is that if I Deny the permission to delete Word and Excel will not allow the saving of modified or new files to the folder.  It appears this happens because of tmp files that both these applications write to the folder that need to be deleted by the program during the save process.

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Well, the trouble here is that file permissions in Windows are so crude. If you were in a NetWare ( environment, you could do this by giving the users Read, Write, Create and Filescan permissions, but withholding the Erase permission. You don't have that kind of granularity in Windows.

Perhaps its time to take a fresh look at your NOS environment? If its not meeting the business needs of your company, there are alternatives.
krlseidlAuthor Commented:
I don't think I was really looking for a Microsoft bashing.  I would appreciate some constructive tips.
The location where Word creates the temporary files is hardcoded information and cannot be edited.;en-us;q211632

The technique you describe is pretty labor intensive in practice as people are allways calling the help desk to get something deleted or restored and has little value in version control or data integrity as one could open a document, replace the entire contents with
and save it.
The document could also be infected or otherwise corrupted.
Some sort of document management system would be a better idea.

Sharepoint is micro$oft's offering, there are lots more:

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If you take off the Redmond-colored glasses for a while and really read and attempt to understand what PsiCop said, you'd realize that the shortcoming you decry is purely a Microsoft problem, and that there ARE options that are actually BETTER than what comes from Redmond, WA.

oops - ShineOn - here I looked it up for u:

Microsoft bash

v. bashed Microsoft, Microsoft bash·ing, bash·es Microsoft
v. tr.

Informal. To criticize Microsoft harshly, accusatorially, and threateningly: “He bashed Microsoft unmercifully over it's monoploistic practices, fraudulent user testimonials and the erie similarities between "One World, One Web, One Program'' and "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer"  

I guess it's a lot like "ef'n ye ain't fer us, yer agin' us," meaning that anything that even SUGGESTS that there is an alternative is bashing.

Oh, well.  Get 'em up against the wall...
I, too, was curious how what I posted constituted bashing dear ol' Billy.
Sometimes the corporate realities are this if the CIO wants your opinion, he'll tell you what it is.
When an infrastructure is entrenched, the little projects have to go with the flow.

"Who let all this rifraff into the room???"
"If I had my way, I'd have all of ya shot!"

The off-his-nut "pink" from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" - sort of a hitleresque character.  Very apropos. ;)
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